Ameridial was founded back in 1987. Thus, it is one of the pioneers in the industry. One big reason that makes this company stand out is that, unlike most of its competitors, Ameridial is a US-based company. Ameridial Canton Ohio is the original location of the company’s operation and expansion. However, after over 30 years of existence, the company has grown. Today, there are several Ameridial North Canton call centers, as well as other centers located in North Carolina, Utah, and Georgia.

Another highlight of Ameridial is its first client. The first one to use Ameridial services ever was a national health organization looking for volunteers. The task wasn’t easy, but the company’s compassionate and dedicated callers managed to handle it. Since then, Ameridial remains one of the leaders and serves the needs of hundreds of clients across the US and the world.

The company assists clients across multiple industries. They mainly focus on retail, healthcare, travel and hospitality, nonprofit, e-commerce, and dealer services. However, some other industries are also served.

Ameridial Services

  • Inbound Call Center
    Ameridial inc. is a reliable partner that helps businesses from different mediums to build those vital touchpoints with their clients and boost customer satisfaction. The company’s Inbound services are created so that every business could find an extension. It's an outsourced team saving the time of the in-house team by delivering outstanding customer service. Inbound services include order processing, customer service, appointment setting, technical support, sales, direct response, lead qualification, and more.
  • Outbound Call Center
    Another set of services offered by Ameridial is focused on handling outbound calls. The company’s outbound call center solution covers a wide array of matters, including outbound lead generation, reminder &welcome calls, telesales, data hygiene, lead qualification, event support, appointment setting, marketing research & surveys, and win-back campaigns.
  • Call Center Outsourcing
    One more solution offered at Ameridial is call center outsourcing. The company helps businesses outsource a reliable, US-based call center that will consist of the callers who work as an integral part of your organization, understand its operation, and align with its goals. Ameridial promises to deliver just the right level of service that each customer expects.
  • Multi-Channel Support
    Ameridial offers businesses to leverage their callers’ experience and dedication to ensure the best results. Understanding the needs of your clients, the company offers a multi-channel support service that allows you to streamline high-quality customer support through all available channels, including voice support, live chat, email, click-to-call, IVR customization, virtual queue callback, and SMS.
  • Work at Home Solutions
    With an outlook on the global pandemic, Ameridial has featured another service to help businesses run their operations smoothly without putting their employees at risk. The company offers to help teams ensure a smooth and productive workflow, high customer satisfaction, and enhanced ROI. This solution's key features include pre-qualification of agents, access to the global pool of resources, training, information security, and the Technical Infra solution to help businesses have the same control over remote workers.
  • Contact Tracing Services
    Another unique service created due to COVID-19 is contact tracing. In a nutshell, contact tracing is a time-tested method used to stop spreading such diseases.

Ameridial Pricing

The Ameridial pricing policy offers customers to pick the model that suits them most. All in all, there are several Ameridial pricing models to choose from — dedicated model, shared model, hybrid model, and pay-for-performance model.

On the company’s website, users can find a detailed explanation of each model and the relevant price formation process. However, there actually are no specifics. The company does not disclose its fees, so to learn the approximate price, one needs to contact Ameridial directly.

Ameridial Review

Being in the industry for such a long time, you would expect Ameridial to have a very extensive portfolio and thousands of customer reviews. But, in fact, it is rather hard to find an unbiased Ameridial review on the web.

There are some reviews available on the company’s site, a five-star each, of course. Additionally, the company possesses a Clutch profile where it also has 5 stars, though there are only two testimonials. However, if you google Ameridial review, you can come across multiple negative reviews.

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