Callbox Inc. was founded in 2004. For over 15 years, Callbox has been helping B2B companies to keep the leads coming by delivering a wide range of lead generation, appointment setting, and data-related services. The company finds its mission in helping organizations reach their short- and long-term revenue and growth goals in outside sales.

The Callbox lead generation team consists of 700+ specialists in the field of marketing, who work from their offices in California and the Philippines. The company has already helped businesses to build and perform over 10,000 campaigns in different B2B sectors.

The company itself claims that it is the largest service for sales support and lead generation trusted by clients from the US, Australia, Canada, and all across the globe. Callbox has already served hundreds of customers from Software, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, and many other industries.

Callbox Services

  • B2B Lead Generation
    Callbox helps businesses define their target leads, find, and manage them. The company’s team uses a multi-channel approach to help organizations find qualified leads that convert.
  • Account-Based Marketing
    Another service offered by Callbox is Account-Based Marketing. The company offers to help your business target, find, and make a one-on-one connection with the key decision-makers that drive the purchase process.
  • Database Solutions
    Callbox can help B2B companies streamline and automate all database processes. The company can help you with data cleansing, customer profiling, and even help create custom targeted lists according to your objectives and needs.
  • Event Marketing Services
    Callbox also delivers effective Event Marketing Services that can help drive more attendants to your events, as well as boost each event’s conversions and turnout.
  • Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing
    Finally, Callbox can also help businesses make the most of their online events and webinars. The company promises to help boost bost signup and attendance rates and acquire qualified leads from every virtual event.

Callbox Pricing

One thing that remains unclear after you study the website is the Callbox pricing policy. No page would explain how much their services cost. Instead of providing any specific information about their rates, Callbox features a large “Book a Consultation” button pretty much on every page.

Even when we checked the company’s profile on Clutch, we couldn’t find any information. Typically, there is an approximate min. project size indicated in every company’s profile. However, in the case of Callbox, this line only says “Undisclosed.” Thus, the only way to find out more about the Callbox pricing strategy is actually to get a consultation with them.

Callbox Review

On the company’s website, there is a dedicated page that features customer feedback. There are quite a few comments here and all of them are positive. On this page, users can even watch a Callbox review - there are a few videos. However, whether to trust the super-happy reviews posted on the company’s website or not is up to you.

We also found a Callbox review page on Clutch. The company has a 4.6-star rating on this platform. There are many positive comments. However, not all of them reveal excitement. In fact, there are also many neutral or even negative reviews that don’t award this company with a high rating.

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