ClientCurve is a big name in B2B lead generation. Founded in 2008, the company has been helping its clients connect with the right leads and boost sales for over 10 years.

Client Curve works with the best marketing and sales professionals from across the globe. According to the company, its team has already helped over 250 customers to streamline their operations and achieve their goals. The company is serving customers in the B2B sector across the US, Middle East, India, Singapore, and South Africa. The industries on which it focuses are IT / IS, Pharma, SAAS, Banking, IoT, Financial Service, Retail, and Manufacturing.

Apart from b2b lead generation service, Client Curve helps its customers deliver outstanding client experience, automate marketing, build effective B2B contact lists, etc.

Client Curve Services

  • B2B Contact Generation
    Every marketing and sales team needs to have valid contact data to fuel up their day-to-day activity. This is one thing Client Curve can help you with. The company helps businesses build flawless B2B contact lists with ease.
  • Lead Generation
    Client Curve offers to handle lead generation for you, letting your sales team focus on closing deals. The team of Client Curve helps bring as many business leads as possible right to your pipeline.
  • Account-Based Marketing
    One more service offered at Client Curve is account-based marketing. The company helps businesses create a highly focused marketing strategy to attract targeted prospects and boost ROI.
  • Marketing Automation
    The company helps businesses save lots of time by delivering smart marketing automation solutions. Client Curve will help to set your marketing and messaging just the right way.
  • Customer Success
    Another service you can get from Client Curve is Customer Success. The main purpose of this service is to make sure that B2B companies help their clients flourish. This, in return, helps boost Customer Lifetime Value for the business and ensure higher retention rates.
  • Customer Email/Chat
    Client Curve knows how to keep your brand’s clients feel cared for and happy at all times. The company helps streamline customer service activities to save your team’s time by taking care of all customer questions, issues, and concerns.

Client Curve Pricing

The company promises that by using its services businesses can decrease their expenses. They also guarantee that all of their services are cost-efficient. However, they don’t say anything more about Client Curve pricing.

According to Clutch, the minimum project size implied by the Client Curve pricing model is $1,000. To learn more, you need to contact the company directly.

Client Curve Review

Although the company isn’t too young, finding a comprehensive Client Curve review is somewhat hard. On the website, they have only three testimonials. Apart from that, the company has dedicated pages on independent platforms such as Clutch that are supposed to provide customer testimonials. However, even there you won’t find a single Client Curve review.

After long and tedious research, we managed to find at least some reviews. Many of them were good, but there are also negative ones.

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