Competence Call Center was founded in 1998 and, after over 20 years of experience, has become one of the leading BPO companies in Europe. The core focus of CCC is customer care. The company is serving both B2B and B2C businesses, helping them build trusted and long-lasting customer relationships that result in increased revenues.

Today, the CCC call center has a large pool of 6,000+ professional agents, who know how to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. The company has 18 locations across 8 countries, including the Bucuresti CCC call center in Romania, as well as centers in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Turkey.

Competence Call Center Services

  • Pre-Sales
    One of the main points of focus for Competence Call Center is to help businesses streamline the customer acquisition process and get the best results. The company offers you to outsource all your pre-sales activities to its professional agents. This way, when your prospect calls CCC, its team will handle it. CCC is responsible for such matters as order or booking, product information & advice, online support, care of the clients' interests, appointment setting, and video ident procedure. CCC will help you serve your customers better, considering every individual need.
  • After-Sales
    Not only does CCC help you with pre-sales processes, but it can also assist you in delivering the right support to your customers once they sign the contract. This set of services is meant to ensure the satisfaction and retention of your existing customers. And, at the same time, it helps build up brand loyalty to help you achieve long-term business goals. Competence Call Center after-sales solutions include product-specific customer support, technical support, invoice requests/warranty/goodwill, feedback management, returns management, and technician disposition.
  • BPO
    One more service available at Competence Call Center is BPO. It is there to help businesses handle end-to-end business processes, saving the time of your in-house team and delivering an outstanding customer experience. Such solutions include fraud prevention, content moderation, policy & community management, debtor management, the voice of the customer/continuous improvement processes, and mediation.
  • Digitalization
    Competence Call Center helps businesses become more digital and achieve better results. The services available in the company’s digitalization offering include the support of digital contact channels (e.g. chat, messenger services, and social media), AI self-service solutions, dynamic online FAQs, smart contact forms, chat or app integration, and call-back in a queue/click to call solutions.
  • Loyalty
    Finally, Competence Call Center helps businesses ensure customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships with every client. With the help of value-added offers, CCC can make sure your clients stay with you, while you drive more sales. Competence Call Center Loyalty package includes such solutions as the support of customer loyalty programs, customer satisfaction measurement, CRM measures, cross- and upselling, dismissal prevention, cancellation recovery, and reactivation of former customers.

Competence Call Center Pricing

Competence Call Center doesn’t say much about its rates. Even if you study the company’s website in and out, you will not find even a word about Competence Call Center pricing, except, perhaps, the promise to deliver good value for money.
Apart from that, one more thing we can learn about Competence Call Center pricing is that the minimum project size is $1,000, as stated in the company’s account on Clutch.

Competence Call Center Review

The company itself doesn’t provide a single Competence Call Center review. However, there are some testimonials available outside their website.
On the web, it is hard to find one complete and unbiased Competence Call Center review. However, in Google, you can find ratings of each particular call center included in the Competence Call Center company. And, according to these ratings, in general, the company scores between 3.0 and 4.0 stars out of 5. So, we can tell that there are enough positive testimonials, but some bad ones are also present.

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