Curral London is a B2B lead generation agency that offers businesses to leverage its expertise and professionalism in order to generate more qualified leads and close deals. The company was founded not so long ago, in 2017. So, we can’t say much about its hands-on experience on the market.

Curral London basically works with businesses as an outsourced sales entity. It offers two types of services — Linkeding prospecting and appointment setting. The company promises to help its customers identify new high-value sales leads, connect with them, generate engagement, and deliver ready-made appointments to a client.

Curral London Services

  • Linkedin Prospecting
    The core mission of the company is to help businesses connect with their prospective customers and drive sales. One of the services offered at Curral London is Linkedin Prospecting. It was designed to help businesses generate new high-value business leads. The company helps to identify your targeted leads, find the right decision-makers, and integrate them with your Linkedin network. The company can also help to nurture the engagement of new leads to help you close deals faster.

    Curral London also collects valuable business email data and delivers it to you along with qualified leads. It's an added bonus to this service.


  • Qualified Appointment Setting
    One more service businesses can request from Curral London is a full-cycle Business Development strategy that stimulates growth. Although the service is called “Qualified Appointment Setting”, there is much more to it. It encompasses a variety of activities, including prospecting, lead qualification, and appointment setting.

    The process begins with Linkedin Prospecting to expand your network and acquire new leads. Then, the team of Curral London qualifies each engaged lead through telesales. Finally, the company takes care of all negotiations concerning appointments with qualified leads and fills your calendar with promising meetings.
  • Additional Services
    On the website’s menu, there are only two types of services. But, in fact, if you scroll the home page all the way down, you will find another section that includes additional services, such as Social Media Management, Pay Per Click, and Web Design & Development.

    However, if you click on any of those, it will say that the page was not found. Based on this, we can assume that the company is planning to expand and deliver new services sometime soon, but these are not available yet.

Curral London Pricing

Curral London pricing policy is not explained on the company’s website. Unfortunately, there is neither Curral London pricing page nor any mentions of the payment model they use.

To get an approximate calculation of the price, clients have to contact the company’s reps directly via the phone or email address.

Curral London Review

Either because the company is quite new or due to other reasons, there is only one Curral London review on Clutch. Although the rating is high — 5 stars, it can’t be taken seriously, simply because that’s an opinion of only one customer.

On Trustpilot, the company received a lower rating of 4.1 stars. This rating is based on five reviews that are all fairly positive. However, the reviews don’t look genuine. And, it is hard to believe that there isn't at least one dissatisfied customer, especially if you keep in mind that it is possible to find more than one negative Curral London review elsewhere on the web. Thus, we believe that there are both positive and negative reviews, but the company might be trying to improve its online reputation by deleting negative reviews.

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