Datarob is a B2B digital marketing agency. Datarob appeared on the market as a B2B lead gen services vendor in 2018 and still has only a bit of experience. However, despite its young age, the company keeps growing and gaining momentum, delivering cutting-edge lead generation solutions to its customers.

Datarob finds its mission in helping B2B businesses drive more sales by delivering full-cycle lead generation services that help deliver lots of new leads to their pipelines.

Datarob Services

Lead Generation

The core service offered by Datarob is lead generation. However, their lead gen solution is rather all-encompassing. It covers a variety of channels, including cold calling, Linkedin, and email. Also, the company offers help in developing and implementing effective outreach campaigns and even helps you research your competitors.

Datarob Pricing

Unlike many lead generation companies, Datarob is fully transparent about its fees. On the website, there is a separate Datarob Pricing page that breaks down the cost of the monthly package and explains what is included in it.

So, according to the Datarob pricing, the standard monthly package will provide you with:

  • from 5 to 20 top-value business sales leads;
  • from 5 to 15 scheduled appointments;
  • 1,000 freshly-generated potential customers’ contacts (chosen in accordance with your ideal customer profile);
  • an effective outreach campaigns for email (1,000 new B2B sales leads) and LinkedIn (up to 2,500 new leads);
  • a dedicated team shaped of a professional CSM, SDR, and researcher;
  • an online real-time dashboard;
  • audit and amending of email delivery, A/B testing, copywriting, weekly reports, health monitoring, and daily communication via Skype, Telegram, or Slack.

Apart from this, clients also receive a comprehensive SEO report on their top 5 competitors' dropped domains, LinkedIn replacement, SEO links or articles, and free research - all on a complimentary basis.

How much does it cost? For the entire package, users will have to pay $3,000. However, there is a possibility for a money economy if you refuse SDR services ($2,000) or if you request only database research ($1,000).

That’s how much you will have to pay for Datarob services if you request a standard package. Apart from this, there is also a possibility to request a custom solution. In this case, the price will be calculated individually, when you contact the company’s reps.

Datarob Review

There are three reviews that can be found at the bottom of the Datarob website’s home page. There are three slides that can replace each other, so you can see one Datarob review at a time.

Since all the reviews on the company’s website are located in the contact section right next to the contact form, it is not surprising that all of them are 100% positive and thankful to Datarob for its outstanding services. However, if you wish to read a more objective Datarob review, we recommend checking out testimonials on independent platforms.

Datarob can boast of a 5-star rating on Clutch. While this may sound impressive, given the company’s young age, there is only one positive review based on which the rating is calculated. However, if you look further, you will also find some negative reviews along with positive ones.

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