EBQ is a company that delivers outsourced sales and marketing solutions to B2B businesses in the hardware, software, and cloud technology sectors. The company was founded in 2006. Its mission is to help its clients make all stages of the buyers’ journey smooth and pleasant.

EBQ basically acts as an extension to its client’s organization. The company employs experts knowledgeable in five different fields, including Data, Marketing, Appointment Setting, Sales, and Customer Experience. Basically, the company helps organizations fill in the gaps in their in-house teams with experienced outsourced specialists. The talents provided by EBQ align with the company’s vision and goals to integrate into their team and ensure effective collaboration.

The goal of the company is to deliver smart solutions that help businesses boost the velocity and effectiveness of their b2b outside sales efforts. 

EBQ Services

  • Data
    One of many things EBQ offers its customers is data solutions. The company takes on the hard work to help organizations build and polish their databases. Their specialists can help you identify your ideal target buyers and help collect accurate vital prospect information.
  • Marketing
    EBQ employs a large pool of marketing experts who can merge into a client’s team to help build effective content marketing and email marketing strategies. Also, the EBQ team helps organizations streamline their social media efforts and improve their website design to drive more sales.
  • Appointment Setting
    One more thing EBQ can do for businesses is to perform cold calling through target accounts and otherwise generate new leads. Also, the company can help you qualify your leads to set effective appointments for your business with the prospects who are ready to close the deals.
  • Sales
    EBQ can help customers expand their in-house sales teams with outsourced quota-driven experts to boost the pipeline and secure more closed deals.
  • Customer Experience
    Finally, one more service offered at EBQ is customer experience help. The company can supply your organization with dedicated representatives who will take care of outbound customer care and inbound support.

EBQ Pricing

What about their rates? Unfortunately, the EBQ pricing policy is not quite clear. Their website does not have any page that would clarify the rates and fees for different services offered by the company. Also, there isn’t a FAQ section available online that would answer this question. Therefore, the only way to learn more about the EBQ pricing for a new user is to contact the company directly and request a consultation.

Yet, when we studied customer reviews about EBQ on Clutch, we learned that the minimum project size here is over $5,000.

EBQ Review

One thing we didn’t particularly like about this company is an absolute lack of testimonials on their website. There is not a single EBQ review posted on their website, which is rather odd, especially taking into account that this company is engaged in delivering its services for almost five years already.

When we looked up this company on Clutch and a few other unbiased platforms, we managed to find sufficient feedback. We read every EBQ review available in the open sources. According to Clutch, the company has a 5-star rating, which is very high. However, there are only 13 reviews. Most reviews here are positive. However, when we dug deeper, we also found plenty of dissatisfied customers, negatively talking about the work of this company.

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