Fusion BPO Services is one of the leading B2B sales lead generation companies that provide call center solutions to businesses all over the world. It was founded in 2004. Throughout its 15+ years of experience, Fusion BPO has successfully served hundreds of business leads from different industries, including finance, healthcare, education, eCommerce, energy & utilities, transportation, travel & hospitality, telecommunication, and some others.

Fusion BPO has offices and call centers all over the world. The Fusion call center Montreal is the company's first location. However, Fusion BPO expands at a rapid pace and already has more centers in other countries, such as the USA, India, Philippines, the UK, El Salvador, Jamaica, and Albania.

Fusion BPO Services

  • Inbound Call Centre Services
    One of the four service categories offered at Fusion BPO is an inbound call center. This category encompasses a wide range of services all aimed at helping B2B USA businesses deliver the best customer experience. The services include customer retention, customer service, answering services, billing/invoice support, refund claim processing, inquiry handling, direct response telesales, email support, and live chat support.
  • Outbound Call Centre Services
    Another category of services is an outbound call center. This category aims to help businesses drive more leads into the pipeline and ensure more closed deals. The category includes such services as lead generation, fundraising, collections & recovery, cross-selling & upselling, appointment setting, and market research.
  • Back Office Services
    Fusion BPO also helps its customers optimize and streamline all order-related processes with the help of its back-office services. This category includes such features as order fulfillment, account receivable/payable, billing/invoicing support, order tracking, refund claim processing, and line number porting.
  • Tech Support Services
    The last category of services available at Fusion BPO Services is tech support help. The company’s experienced specialists can help customers deal with a variety of tech issues. This category also includes several handy features like helpdesk solutions, platform & application support, desktop & laptop support, and network support.

Fusion BPO Services - Pricing

Unfortunately, users can’t find any specific information regarding the Fusion BPO Services pricing policy. On the website, you can find pretty detailed descriptions of the company’s services and solutions. However, the actual Fusion BPO Services pricing remains undisclosed. You can get an approximate cost calculation only after requesting a quote from the company’s reps.

Fusion BPO Services - Review

On the website itself, there is a dedicated Fusion BPO Services review page. Here, you can find some customer testimonials, all of which are positive. However, as specified in the title of the page, all these testimonials are solely about the company’s work-at-home solutions during COVID-19.

To find another Fusion BPO Services review, we checked the company’s profile on Clutch and similar trusted platforms. It is essential to note that Fusion BPO has fairly high ratings on different platforms. Fairly high, but not flawless. There are many negative reviews, just as there are many positive ones.

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