Green Leads LLC was founded in 2007 and already earned the trust and loyalty of its customers. For over 10 years, the company has been engaged in helping businesses grow their sales pipelines by delivering all types of leads right to their front door.

Green Leads LLC is a US-based company that serves businesses internationally. The head office of the company is located in Boston, MA. Also, there are branches in Dublin, Ireland, and Jamaica.

Green Leads LLC helps businesses generate leads, set appointments, and outsource sales development processes to professional reps and always guarantees high conversion rates.

Green Leads LLC Services

  • ICP - Ideal Customer Profile
    Green Leads offers its customers help with generating qualified ICP Persona Leads. The company will help you find business leads that fit into both your ideal customer profile and your target persona idea and add them to your sales pipeline.
  • MQL - Marketing Qualified Lead
    Apart from ICP leads, Green Leads can also help you build your pipeline with high-value marketing qualified leads. These are the leads that have already shown engagement with your marketing assets, and, thus, have a high likelihood of converting into real customers.
  • HQL - Highly Qualified Lead
    A highly qualified lead is a lead that fits into your target persona and ideal customer profile and who has demonstrated a genuine interest in your company, products, or services. Green Leads LLS can help you capture these leads and deliver them into your pipeline.
  • SQL - Sales Qualified Lead (Meetings)
    One more service offered by Green Leads LLS is an appointment setting. The company helps its customers identify their sales qualified leads and arrange meetings with key decision-makers. With this service, Green Leads LLS also guarantees a high conversion rate.
  • SDR - Outsourced Sales Development
    Finally, Green Leads LLS allows businesses to outsource professional sales development reps. The outsourced sales development reps can perform a variety of functions, for example, take care of cold calls, follow-ups, develop your ideal customer profile, help qualify leads, and so on.

Green Leads LLC Pricing

The company’s website doesn’t provide any specifics concerning the Green Leads LLC pricing policy. New visitors can schedule a call with the company to ask their questions and get more details. Alternatively, you can reach out to the company’s reps via phone or email.

Basically, after studying the company’s website itself, as well as numerous external sources, the only thing we’ve learned about Green Leads LLC pricing is the minimum project size. According to the Green Leads LLC account on Clutch, if you will decide to use the company’s services, you will have to pay at least $5,000. However, the company doesn’t provide any confirmation of this fact.

Green Leads LLC Review

Unfortunately, there is no Green Leads LLC review page on the company’s website that would tell what customers think about Green Leads LLC and the quality of the services it offers.

So, if you still want to find a comprehensive Green Leads LLC review, it is better to search it outside the company’s website. There are some Green Leads reviews posted on TrustPilot and similar platforms. On average, the company gets around a 3.4-stars rating. And it is worth noting that there is no unanimous opinion about the company. There are people who are happy with Green Leads’s services, as well as those who remained not really satisfied.

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