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Belkins continues to meet you with the most popular B2B lead generation services and marketing partners. This time, we will discuss Grupo Noa International company. It was founded in Miami, Florida. The company has already worked with many e-commerce projects and businesses in the tourism, healthcare, and travel industries. In this review, you will discover the range of Grupo Noa International services and get to know more about the company’s drawbacks and strengths.


About Grupo Noa International Company

Grupo Noa International started operating in 2007 and provides a global virtual call center and low-cost international direct response service with high reliability. They have worked and still continue to collaborate with both start-ups and large multinational corporations. For their entire existence, they have developed a calibrated workflow, which allows them to charge a moderate fee for services and quickly get involved in the work with various sales tools and methods. 

Grupo Noa International video overview

Grupo Noa International services

What does the company do? If you find it in a typical B2B sales lead database, you’ll find out that Grupo Noa International offers various call center and interpretation services. Let’s take a closer look at each.

1) Call center services in Europe and the U. S.

Grupo Noa International company is well-known due to its professional multilingual call center services. With this, you can actively attract and retain customers, as well as maintain cross-sell operations. Inbound call center matches the most popular customer service requirements and includes voicemail, email, and even online chat. The company owns teams of experienced professionals around the world, making cooperation with them flawless. To get started, you just need to contact the company's email.

2) Interpretation services

If you need a qualified translation into any major language, this Grupo Noa International service will help you to deal with this task.

The company offers translation of various types of content, including videos. With the help of a large multilingual team, Grupo Noa International can cope with any task quickly. The company gives a 100% guarantee for translation services and, according to testimonials, asks for an affordable fee for that.

There are live online video interpreters for law courts, interpreters for legal requirements, on-call interpretation services, English-Spanish interpretation, English-German interpretation, English-French interpretation, and English-Mandarin interpretation services.

3) Shared call center

Shared customer support service center is a great solution for any business. They are much cheaper than running your own call center. The matter is that you only pay for the time and service used. Besides, the advantages include flexible scalability, which allows you to easily increase or decrease the number of incoming calls. In addition, the Grupo Noa International manager can train your in-house employees if needed.

The shared call center is engaged in a wide range of services: answering inbound calls, web chats, and conducting marketing surveys. These services include customer service, complaint handling, cross-selling, providing product knowledge, email inbox management, sending email marketing campaigns, and researching to help businesses collect essential feedback.

4) Multilingual call center service

Grupo Noa International sales team is one of the top providers of multilingual call center services in the USA and beyond. So they understand and carefully fulfill the requirements of their customers and always try to find a customized solution. The company owns multilingual customer inbound and outbound support services that guarantee cost recovery.

Grupo Noa International Advantages

Who is Grupo Noa International best for?

As the company intends, they work with any kind of client that requires an outsource call canter. It does not matter if you have a small or large business, as the prices in Grupo Noa International are quite loyal according to the company's own words.

Grupo Noa International pricing

Analyzing customer reviews, Grupo Noa International's cost policy is reasonable, but the company's website does not list prices for its services. Sure thing, you can use Grupo Noa International support for this purpose and ask any question including “Whether Grupo Noa International lifetime deal is provided for the most loyal clients?”.

Grupo Noa International Features

What qualities does Grupo Noa International possess that distinguish it from other companies in this industry? Grupo Noa International company is:

  1. Qualitative – the company declares that its staff is highly professional and well-trained;
  2. Affordable – though there are no prices on its site, Grupo Noa offers the most competitive pricing;
  3. International – the geography of the company’s operation goes beyond North America due to its versatile multilingual team;
  4. 100% Voice recording – all clients have access to the history of calls and check them any time they want.

The combination of these qualities allows Noa International LLC to provide customers with high-quality services.

Top Executive

Jorge Noa

Main services
  • Multilingual call center services
  • Inbound customer support
  • Outbound support
  • Lead generation call center outsourcing
  • Direct response call center
  • Multilingual interpretation services
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Grupo Noa International Details

To make up your mind whether the company’s services and methods are relevant to your business, check out these additional resources:

Year founded: 2007

Company address: 338 S Rosemead Blvd #4953, Pasadena, CA 91107, United States

  1. Company website:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Twitter:
  4. LinkedIn:

Grupo Noa International Support

As always, outsourcing services use basic methods of providing support. Your first option is to send an email to the company's corporate email - The company’s experts will contact you within 24 hours.

The second option is to ask your question to the hotline: +18182001174.

Grupo Noa International Pros and Cons

Grupo Noa International is a great company that offers helpful services. However, like all other companies, Grupo Noa International has certain pros and cons. And now, we will consider them in detail.



  • Grupo Noa International provides high-quality inbound and outbound services.
  • Due to Grupo Noa International reviews, the prices for the company's services are affordable.
  • Multilingual team that serves foreign clients.
  • The company shares its experience, consults, and shares advice on multiple training events.
  • The Grupo Noa International API has some problems, and the website itself is not very convenient.
  • There are no Grupo Noa International integrations with the most common CRMs.
  • There is no information about the Grupo Noa International affiliate program.


Grupo Noa International is a fairly old company that has been in the outsourcing services market for a long time. After many years of experience and lots of serviced clients, Grupo Noa International company has developed a working style that allows them to find an approach for any customer and provide quality services for a fair price.

Sure thing, there are a lot of Grupo Noa International alternatives. So, learn our Grupo Noa International review and decide whether to use the services of this company or not.


  • What services does Grupo Noa International provide?

There are 3 main services Grupo Noa offers: call center outsourcing, multilingual interpretation services, and inbound call center. You can read more about these services in the Grupo Noa International's services section of the website.

  • What industries does Grupo Noa International suit?

Grupo Noa International serves industries such as e-commerce, consumer products, business services, telecommunications, and tourism.

  • How many employees does Grupo Noa International have?

The Grupo Noa International team includes thousands of professionals from different industries. They have employees from 29 countries around the world to be flexible in their work process.

  • What other expertise does Grupo Noa have?

Major services provided by Grupo Noa International are:

  1. Customer service;
  2. Online customer support;
  3. Virtual assistant;
  4. Answering services;
  5. B2B lead generation & qualification;
  6. Customer support/experience;
  7. Inbound appointment scheduling.
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