Health Leads Plus is a reliable partner in lead generation for B2B businesses. The company was founded in 2004 and offers a wide range of solutions aimed at driving more leads, setting sales-ready appointments, managing data, and ensuring better outcomes of business events like tradeshows and seminars.

Health Leads Plus is considered to be a trusted vendor of services with decent experience. The biggest distinctive feature of this company is that it focuses on serving exclusively those businesses that operate in the healthcare sector. Thus, some of the industries they serve include equipment maintenance, patient education services, diagnostic kits, testing services, medical alert equipment, and others.

Health Leads Plus Services

  • B2B Lead Generation
    Health Leads Plus offers B2B businesses to fill their pipelines with targeted business leads. This service is exclusively tailored for the healthcare industry. The company’s telemarketing teams helps its customers develop and implement effective marketing strategies aimed at getting lots of warm and hot leads that can convert into medical sales. The company offers to drive the right decision-makers right to you.
  • B2B Appointment Setting
    Another service offered at Health Leads Plus is appointment setting. This service is also designed specifically for B2B businesses operating in the healthcare sector to help them schedule effective, sales-ready appointments.
  • List Management
    Health Leads Plus offers businesses the help of its team to keep their business and marketing databases clean, useful, compliant, and, most importantly, up-to-date. The company offers a full range of list management solutions, including database verification, data scrubbing/cleansing, and database & customer profiling.
  • Event Telemarketing
    One more type of service you can get from Health Leads Plus is event telemarketing. This service is meant for boosting the ROI of all conferences, tradeshow, seminars, conventions, and other events. The company will help you increase the registration and attendance rates of your events through targeted phone calls, and will also provide you with the post-event help.
  • Call-To-Invite
    Another service designed for helping businesses get the most of their events is a Call-To-Invite solution. This solution is created to help enhance the event turnout through targeted call invites.
  • Event/Trade Show Lead Follow-Up
    Health Leads Plus doesn’t only help you drive attendance to your events but also helps nurture the b2b leads collected at the event via effective follow-ups. With the help of this service, you can boost the likelihood of converting your leads into actual customers.

Health Leads Plus Pricing

There is not a single word said about Health Leads Plus pricing neither on the website nor outside it. The company keeps its pricing policy top-secret. However, for everyone looking to find out more about the Health Leads Plus pricing, there is a “get a free quote” contact form on the website’s home page. If you submit it, you will be contacted by one of the Health Leads Plus reps and will get some more details.

Health Leads Plus Review

It is neither new nor rare to see the tendency of not posting customer testimonials on the company’s website amongst business lead generation companies. However, even though it is a common practice, it simply can’t get more confusing than not finding at least one Health Leads Plus review on their site.

Luckily, you can find some testimonials and ratings outside of the company’s website. For example, on Facebook, the company has the highest rating. However, although the company’s rating on Facebook is 5 stars out of 5, which is only based on 2 reviews, not every Health Leads Plus review out there is positive. There are negative testimonials as well.

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