Intellitech Solutions is a trusted provider of all types of contact center services. The company started in 2012, so it is rather new. Despite this fact, Intellitech has already managed to help numerous clients achieve their business goals.

Intellitech India has extensive expertise in different fields. Some of the services it delivers include B2B lead generation service, content syndication, and B2B email marketing.

The company can boast of a solid portfolio that consists of the following key customers: IBM, Adobe, DocuSign, Genesys, Imperva, LogMeIn, Microsoft, IronMountain, Salesforce, and others.

Intellitech Solutions Services

  • B2B Lead Generation
    Intellitech Solutions helps B2B USA businesses obtain hyper-targeted business leads that have the potential to convert into buyers. The company delivers qualified new business leads right to your sales pipeline with the help of its expertise, accurate targeting, and valuable market insights.
  • Marketing Qualified Leads
    Apart from generating B2B leads, Intellitech Solutions can also help you find marketing-qualified leads who have already shown some interest in your brand and expressed a purchase intent.
  • BANT and SRL 
    Intellitech Solutions offers businesses its help in generating sales-ready leads. At the same time, the company offers you to leverage BANT lead management process for easier and more effective sales qualifications.
  • Content Syndication
    One more thing Intellitech Solutions can do for your business is helping to ensure the effectiveness of your content. The company helps you deliver your content to the right prospects and promote it through its extensive B2B content syndication lead generation network.
  • Account-Based Marketing
    Intellitech Solutions can help businesses to amplify their ABM strategies to get the most of them. The company’s pros will develop and implement powerful account-based marketing solutions that will help you boost your ROI.
  • Data Solutions
    Intellitech Solutions also specializes in delivering top-notch data services. The company helps its customers discover the needed data (including the contact details of the right prospects) and keep their databases clean and up-to-date to ensure the success of all your marketing campaigns.
  • Email Marketing
    Intellitech also offers smart email marketing solutions that will help you create and run effective campaigns that will bring the right results.
  • Telemarketing
    Lastly, one more service businesses can request from Intellitech Solutions is telemarketing. The company offers to take care of all your telemarketing efforts and guarantees to bring the best results.

Intellitech Solutions Pricing

Intellitech Solutions is not putting all cards on the table. From what we’ve seen on the website, Intellitech Solutions pricing is not disclosed publicly. The only way to learn more is to contact the company directly.

There are a few contact options that can be used to reach out to the company’s reps. There are a direct phone number and an email. Also, in the Contact Us section of the website, there is a contact form that lets you tell more about your business and the solution you are searching for. If you fill out this form, the company’s representatives will contact you soon and provide additional details about the company, its services, and Intellitech Solutions pricing.

Intellitech Solutions Review

On its website, the company shares a list of the key customers and provides a variety of case studies based on their clients’ experiences. However, they don’t provide at least one Intellitech Solutions review.
The company also has a profile on a trusted reviewing platform - Clutch. But, even here, you will not find a single Intellitech Solutions review.

Luckily, on the web, it is possible to find more feedback about this company and the services it delivers. On Google, Intellitech Solutions has a 3.8-star rating based on 15 reviews. As you can get from the average rating, there are both positive and negative opinions about Intellitech Solutions out there.

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