Invensis Technologies was founded in 2000. Thus, this company can be deservedly called one of the pioneers in the field of outsourcing. The company offers a range of services to help businesses across the globe to become agile and stack up on the best talents.

Invensis offers its services to businesses across different mediums, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics, Retail, Education, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, and many others.

Invensis Services

  • IT Outsourcing
    Invensis helps its customers find the best IT talents to merge into their teams for better results. The company promises professional outsourcing help that is both cost-effective and efficient. Currently, Invensis helps businesses find outsourced specialists in such fields as software application development, web application development, mobile application development, SaaS application development, quality assurance, software testing, and cloud computing application development.
  • Finance & Accounting
    Invensis offers an extensive range of services aimed to help businesses take care of their financial matters and streamline accounting procedures. These services encompass everything from processing invoices and payments to handling monthly accounting and reporting.
  • Back Office BPO
    The company offers a wide range of smart back-office services to businesses across a number of industries. The services from this category include data mining, data entry, data management, catalog management. It is also good at transaction processing, and management, billing and invoicing, purchase order processing, document digitization and data conversion, OCR services, document indexing and archiving, application processing, database management, accounting data entry, as well as retail and eCommerce.
  • Call Center
    Invensis helps businesses take the quality of their customer interactions to a whole new level. The company provides both inbound and outbound call center services, aids in sales and customer acquisition, delivers customer care, helps with order management, and it also offers customer support services through three channels - call center, email, and live chat.
  • eCommerce Support
    Invensis helps retail businesses to manage a wide range of their eCommerce procedures to streamline the sales process and ensure customer satisfaction. The company helps to manage all stages of order processing, including shipping and payment. Also, it delivers product information management help. Some other services available in the framework of eCommerce support are customer service, accounting and finance, digital marketing, and even photo editing.
  • Training & Development
    Having over 20 years of experience, Invensis is willing to share its expertise with customers. The company offers a variety of corporate training solutions in the following areas: project management, quality management, IT service management, IT security & governance, DevOps, and Agile project management.
  • Digital Marketing
    Invensis helps businesses grow and thrive by delivering a number of performance-based digital marketing services. These services include search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click, banner ads, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content writing, and web analytics.
  • Order Management
    The company helps its customers manage all tasks and possible issues inherent in a typical order process. Invensis promises to make order management simple by helping businesses with quoting, order taking, query resolution, refunds and returns, follow-ups, order validation, customer verification, order cancellation, billing, and many other operations.
  • Analytics
    Invensis offers businesses a range of up-to-date analytics solutions to help harness valuable data and statistics, discover trends, make predictions, etc. The company’s analytics services include Artificial Intelligence, automation, big data management, business intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

Invensis Pricing

Invensis pricing is not disclosed on the website or anywhere else on the web. The company doesn’t provide any details concerning its rates until a prospective customer requests a consultation. Even if you look up Invensis pricing on the Internet, you won’t find any information about it, which can be rather confusing.

Invensis Review

To complete this Invensis review, we checked out the company’s profile on Clutch and searched for more testimonials on the web. On Clutch, the company has earned 4.8 stars out of 5. However, this rating is based on just four testimonials, each of which is positive.
However, not each Invensis review is 100% positive. On the Internet, there are also customers who remained dissatisfied with their services, as well as those who expected more from it.

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