Koalified Leads is a US-based company founded in 2000 and located in Los Angeles, CA. As you can easily get from the company’s name, Koalified Leads mainly focuses on helping B2B USA businesses generate high-quality business leads that have the potential to convert into actual customers.

Koalified Leads is serving B2B vendors from all over the world. The company provides its solutions across a number of industries, including EMR, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Financial Management, Health Insurance, Telecommunications, Advertising, and P.O.S.

Koalified Leads Services

  • Multi-Channel Marketing
    Koalified Leads specializes in delivering smart marketing solutions, including B2B email marketing, across multiple channels. The company helps B2B businesses to streamline their marketing activities and secure more leads thanks to the Koalified Leads’ professional team. In the framework of their multi-channel marketing services, the team of Koalified Leads provides traditional marketing solutions, such as telemarketing, event marketing, and face-to-face appointment setting. In addition, the company offers a range of online marketing solutions, such as email marketing, social media campaigns, and web design.
  • Lead Nurturing
    Another handy service provided by Koalified Leads is lead nurturing. The company helps businesses make the most of their existing and future leads by nurturing and turning them into warm and hot leads. Koalified Leads is ready to do the hard work to deliver lots of sales-ready prospects right to your door. Some of the services included in the lead nurturing category are list building, list management, and list cleaning.
  • Campaign Materials
    Finally, one more type of service Koalified Leads can provide to B2B vendors is all types of content aimed at strengthening your marketing campaigns and building long-lasting, trusted relationships with customers. The company can handle all sorts of campaign materials, including call scripts, emails, website content, and anything else you need to attract new leads and build trust. With the help and support from the team of expert designers and content editors from Koalified Leads, businesses can create or redesign different materials in their campaigns to maximize the results.

Koalified Leads Pricing

The company has a personalized price formation model, which basically means that the cost of the service is calculated according to every client’s specific needs. Thus, the info about Koalified Leads pricing is not provided on their website. But, you can request a free quote to learn more.

Basically, there are three ways you can contact the company’s reps to ask them about Koalified Leads pricing. Two of these contact methods are via an email address and direct phone number. However, there is also a possibility to schedule an appointment with Koalified Leads right away.

Koalified Leads Review

One surprising thing about this company is that there is not a single Koalified Leads review on their website. No testimonials page nor any other mentions of what customers say about the quality of their services.

What's even more surprising, there isn't a single Koalified Leads review on the Internet as well. There are no ratings in Google, no testimonials to assess the company’s accounts across different independent review platforms, no feedback on social media — just nothing.

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