Konnektors is a young but promising company engaged in delivering software and B2B lead generation marketing solutions to businesses. Being present on the market since 2018, the company is just gaining momentum, though it has already managed to make a good name in this industry.

The main focus of Konnektors is powering up its customers’ business development initiatives. Currently, the company is serving businesses from a variety of industries. It mostly focuses on delivering its help and support to businesses located in North America, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia, though it also states its willingness to support international businesses.

Some of the key customers of Konnektors are such companies as Complianceonline, SGcodeworks, Fastway Logistics, Ebooth, People Plus Software, Winbold, SIA Group, Par3 Software, Evolve Technology, The Chevrons, Psymax Solution, Priority Funding, Dataknox, Catalyst, ASCM Sales, Digiconnect, Vegamoontech, and Naviworld.

Konnektors Services

  • Lead Generation
    B2b lead generation is one of the core services offered by Konnektors. The company offers businesses the help of its experts to fill their sales pipelines with lots of qualified business leads that are likely to convert.
  • Demand Generation
    Konnektors can help businesses create an ongoing flow of sales leads by building and implementing an effective B2B demand generation strategy that encompasses the best practices from both inbound and outbound initiatives.
  • Data Profiling
    This service is meant to help businesses make more informed decisions. The Konnektors team will help you to analyze your customer base to define the ideal customer profile, reach new target segments, and verify your target prospects.
  • Content Writing
    Konnektors emphasizes the value of good content for business success and offers its customers help with creating content that works. The company promises to deliver high-quality content, perfectly tailored to your business and your audience’s needs.
  • Web Development
    One more service offered at Konnektors is web development. The company’s pros can help you develop a website that is well-designed, aesthetic, SEO-optimized, and, at the same time, user-friendly and intuitive enough to offer the best customer experience.
  • Email Marketing
    Konnektors has a large pool of experienced and proficient marketers who know how to create email marketing strategies that bring results. They offer you to leverage their experience to ensure the success of all your campaigns.

Konnektors Pricing

Not much is being said about Konnektors pricing on their website. Just like many of its competitors, Konnektors insists that its services and solutions are cost-efficient, but they don’t indicate starting prices or available plans.

To learn more about Konnektors pricing, you will have to contact the company. The good thing though is that the company offers all customers to get a consultation absolutely free of charge.

Konnektors Review

On the company’s website, you can find quite a few testimonials from customers. Of course, all of these talk about Konnektors only in a positive way, so it is natural to wonder how unbiased those actually are.

If you look up “Konnektors review” on the web, you will find some testimonials, but not too many. The company is rather young. Being on the market for only two years, no wonder there is not much feedback about its work. However, based on what we’ve seen from the Konnektors review on Clutch and other web platforms, the company’s ratings are high enough. There are both happy and dissatisfied reviews.

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