Leadmint is a fairly new lead generation company that was only founded in 2019. The company offers B2B businesses professional assistance with finding high-value new business leads at an affordable price.

Leadmint promises to help businesses bridge the gap between their ideal prospects and their sales team through a range of lead generation services offered here.

Also, on the homepage, the company boasts that it helps businesses book appointments with such large and famous companies as Amazon Web Services, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, SalesForce, and Symantec.

Leadmint Services

  • Market Research
    Leadmint helps businesses to conduct prospecting research easier and get the most of it. The company’s market research services include such features as surveying, intent research, list building, enrichment, email verification, and data maintenance.
  • Sales Development
    Leadmint also offers companies to help streamline and empower their sales teams. With the B2B lead generation service and a sales development service, businesses can boost process, productivity, culture, retention, training, and hiring to make the right first impression on their prospects.
  • LinkedIn — Done For You
    Leadmint offers you to make the most benefit of the world’s largest business network - Linkedin by helping identify your ideal customers, build effective lists, improve your Linkedin outreach, optimize your profile, make new connections, and enhance Linkedin messaging.
  • Webinar Promotion
    For all businesses hosting webinars, Leadmint offers its webinar promotion service. This service is designed to help you promote your event, boost attendance, and ensure high engagement and conversion rates.
  • Event Acceleration
    The company provides a wide range of events and trade show tools and services to help businesses generate more business contacts and leads through their events. Leadmint will help maximize your efforts before, during, and after the event to ensure the best outcomes in the form of attendance, engagement, and conversion.
  • Lead Nurturing
    Leadmint provides its lead nurturing services to help businesses nurture the buyers who are not ready to close a deal straight away in order to finally convert them into actual customers.
  • Sales Stack
    Finally, the company also offers businesses its help for expanding their sales stack to drive even more deals and revenue.

Leadmint Pricing

If you scroll down the company’s home page all the way to the bottom, you can see a link to the Leadmint pricing page. Everyone interested in the company’s services will most likely click the link to learn more. Unfortunately, there is no information on the Leadmint pricing policy. The link will simply redirect you to the Contact Us page. So, to get the details, you have to contact the company.

Leadmint Review

When you try to find a Leadmint review on the website, it may take a while. Unlike most of its competitors, the company doesn’t have a dedicated Testimonials page, neither it publishes customer feedback on the home page. However, if you go to the About Us page, you can find three comments. It is not too much, but it can possibly be explained by the company’s small experience on the market.

According to Clutch, Leadmint’s rating is 5.0 stars. The rating is based only on two reviews. Both comments are quite positive. However, one Leadmint review awards the company 5.0 stars for everything, except the cost.

If you look elsewhere on the Web, you can find more testimonials. There are both good and bad ones.

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