Leadroot is here to help B2B businesses streamline their sales processes and consistently add qualified business leads to their pipelines. The company has been around for not too long. It was founded in 2017, but, according to its website, it has already delivered more than 1 million leads to its customers.

The main mission of Leadroot is to help sales teams scale and make the most of their selling efforts, yet, without putting too much time into day-to-day operations. Leadroot rids its customers’ in-house sales teams of the necessity to find b2b leads and reach out to them. Instead, the specialists from Leadroot merge into the client’s team, align goals to it, and help find leads that convert. As a result, the in-house team can focus more on closing deals.

The company is serving B2B businesses across various sectors. They mostly engage in delivering two types of services - b2b lead generation and appointment setting.

Being in the industry for only 3 years now, Leadroot has already helped many of its customers to boost sales. Currently, in the company’s portfolio, there are two big, key clients - Woodpecker and FatCat. However, the company keeps growing and bringing more to the table.

Leadroot Services

  • Lead Research / List Building
    The core services offered at Leadroot is Lead Research and List Building. The company offers B2B businesses to entrust them to develop the profile of their ideal buyer persona, research targeted leads, find targeted leads that convert, and build custom lists tailored to customer’s needs and objectives.
  • Managed Outreach
    Another service Leadroot is delivering is Managed Outreach. The company offers businesses to automate their lead outreach process by letting Leadroot specialists take care of cold calling and appointment setting. The company’s specialists perform outreach on their client’s behalf and promise to deliver qualified leads.

Leadroot Pricing

Unlike many of its competitors, this company does not hide its fees. On the website, there is a dedicated Leadroot Pricing page that breaks down the cost of their services. The rates vary depending on the type of service a customer needs, as well as on each client’s unique needs. So, it is fair to say that the total cost is calculated individually for every customer.

According to the Leadroot pricing policy, customers pay either per each contact or per each meeting booked. The rates begin at $0.35 per contact. The price per meeting is to be discussed individually with every client.

On the same Pricing page, there is also a pretty detailed FAQ section that answers most of the commonly asked questions about how clients are being charged.

Leadroot Review

While making this Leadroot review, we came across multiple positive factors, as well as some negative ones. To complete this review, we had to search for some testimonials left by the company’s current customers.

On the website, you can see only one Leadroot review located at the bottom of the home page. The review is positive and supposedly was left by one of the company’s key clients - Woodpecker. Also, if you scroll way down, you can find a link to the website section named Customers. It redirects you to their blog, where you can read customer stories. However, these are not at all testimonials, but rather regular blog posts, so they won’t be too helpful if you want to learn more about the company itself.

Next, we decided to search for a Leadroot review on the web. We managed to find many positive and negative reviews. So, despite the company’s high rating, there are still quite a lot of dissatisfied clients.

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