Liveops Inc. has been delivering smart call center solutions for 20 years already. Founded in 2000, the B2B lead generation company is physically located in Scottsdale, Arizona, although its virtual agents are located across the country.

Liveops company offers businesses to benefit from the professionalism of on-demand virtual agents that can help them streamline their customer service and sales processes in the periods of high traffic. The company will supply you with trained and experienced virtual agents that can take off some of the load from your in-house specialists, at the same time, ensuring that no calls will be missed.

The team of Liveops is catering to businesses across a wide range of industries. Some of the industries that can rely on Liveops call center include financial services, direct response, insurance, healthcare, retail, travel & hospitality, telecom, and technology.

Liveops call center is a scalable and flexible solution that helps businesses deliver better customer service, drive inbound and outbound sales, generate targeted B2B leads, and develop the skills of their own in-house teams.

Liveops Services

  • Customer Service
    Even during the high-volume period, Liveops ensures that your company doesn’t miss a single call or request from the existing and potential customers. Liveops helps businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and retention through delivering outstanding customer service at every touchpoint.
  • Inbound Business Lead Generation
    The call canter agents from Liveops can help you make the most of your inbound efforts. The company offers to take care of the inbound calls to drive more deals and help your business grow during peak seasons.
  • Outbound
    Apart from inbound sales, Liveops also specializes in outbound sales. The company’s virtual agents can act on behalf of your business to help you acquire new customers and strengthen customer relationships.
  • B2B Online Lead Generation
    Liveops is an expert in generating targeted, sales-ready business sales leads. The company promises to deliver lots of qualified leads straight to your team, saving your sales reps' time so that they could focus on closing deals instead of finding them.
  • Interactive Voice Response
    One more thing Liveops can offer your business is a cutting-edge IVR program. This solution is customized and tailored to every customer’s specific need.
  • Distributed Learning
    Finally, Liveops does not only offer to use its outsourced services but also helps businesses empower their own teams with effective skill development and distributed learning programs.

Liveops Pricing

If you are wondering how much you will have to pay for Liveops services, you may feel overwhelmed by not being able to find a single word about the Liveops pricing policy on their website. Unfortunately, the B2B internet marketing agency only provides such details after you contact them directly.

Despite the fact that Liveops pricing is unrevealed on their website, we found some more info on Clutch. According to Liveops account, the average hourly cost of their virtual agents is $25 and the minimum project size required to work with Liveops is $1,000.

Liveops Review

When it comes to Liveops reviews, finding them can be rather tricky. The company itself posted only one Liveops review on its home page and there is no separate page with testimonials.

If you search for a Liveops review on the Internet, though, you can find more customer feedback. On average, the company receives from 3 to 4.5 stars from its former and existing customers. Also, there are some highly satisfied testimonials. But yet, not all comments are positive, and there are also a few negative testimonials.

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