Martal Group is a relatively young and small company. It was founded in 2009 and still keeps growing and expanding. Martal Group specializes in delivering lead generation and other sales solutions for B2B USA businesses in the tech industry.

In a nutshell, Martal Group offers businesses to expand and strengthen their in-house sales teams by bringing in a dedicated B2B sales team from the outside. Martal Group is serving IoT, SaaS, and IT companies engaged in catering products, such as:

  • Enterprise software;
  • Search relevance;
  • Location-based services;
  • Video analytics;
  • Sales performance management;
  • Cloud backup;
  • Consumer insights;
  • AI-powered applications and similar products.

Being present in the lead generation market for over 10 years, Martal Group has developed a pretty large portfolio that consists of such companies as Fullscreen, Clickworker, Jedox, Quaenet, Incentives Solutions, Certainty Software, and many others.

Martal Group Services

  • Lead Generation
    Martal Group helps businesses determine their ideal customer profile, questions for B2B sales lead qualification, and the most effective call scripts for their campaigns. They also help clients create customized target lists, build efficient marketing campaigns, track their prospects’ engagement, and initialize outbound calls. This way the company helps its clients generate lots of qualified leads.
  • Lead Generation & Customer Onboarding
    Another service businesses can get from Martal Group is Lead Generation & Customer Onboarding. Compared to basic Lead Generation service, this offer is all-embracing. The company helps its clients build an effective deal flow, create customized offers, facilitate the process, and ease the negotiation and onboarding stages with new customers.
  • Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding & Account Management
    The last and most all-round service offered at Martal Group encompasses all the services mentioned above. At the same time, it provides additional services, such as customer acquisition and long-term strategy creation to make the most of lead generation and boost the sales funnel.

Martal Group Pricing

Discovering the company’s website, you will not find a Martal Group pricing page or any mentions of their fees. On the home page or in the FAQ section of the website, there is also no information available regarding how much their services cost.

The only way to learn more about the general prices and fees is to book a consultation with the company’s specialist. However, according to Clutch, the Martal Group pricing policy implies that the minimum project size has to be $5,000.

Martal Group Review

On the company’s website, there is no page dedicated to clients’ testimonials. There are only a few short and quite superficial comments displayed closer to the bottom of the home page. Thus, if you want to find a comprehensive Martal Group review, you should look elsewhere.

We checked out a few trusted and unbiased review platforms to learn more about this company. Carefully checking each Martal Group review, we spotted many positive comments. However, not all of them looked real. At the same time, we also found quite a few neutral and even negative reviews about this company and its services.

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