About Netcast BPO

Netcast BPO is a well-established provider of contact center services and business process outsourcing. It operates only in the technology, retail, utility, and financial niches. The company’s contact center agents specialize in four directions, such as sales, tech support, customer service, and social media optimization. Netcast BPO also finds the right custom touchpoints to engage its target audience.

Netcast BPO is a cutting-edge vendor of business process outsourcing and contact center services. The company was founded in 2011 and is now delivering both onshore and offshore contact center, back office, and custom touchpoints solutions for B2B USA businesses.

Netcast BPO is serving businesses from all over the world. However, the company is rather narrow-focused. It provides solutions to customers only from four industries that include retail, financial services, utility, and technology.

The company’s centers and offices are located in two countries. Netcast BPO Philippines features three locations in San Fernando, Baguio, and Manilla. And the company also has one location in North America, to be more precise, in Atlantic City, NJ.

The company has almost 10 years of experience in its field. Despite this fact, they don’t share any information about the key customers they’ve already served.

Netcast BPO Services

  • Contact Center
    The company offers businesses to outsource a wide range of tasks to its professional contact center agents. The Netcast BPO contact center services can be divided into four categories - sales (inbound/outbound/blended, upselling & cross-selling, and touchpoint connection), customer service (customer retention, revenue generation options, billing/returns/FAQ, etc.), tech support, and social media optimization and support.
  • Back Office
    In the framework of its back-office services, Netcast BPO offers such features as transcription (including medical, legal, and other), data entry, third party verification, and customer experience (VOC).
  • Custom Touch Points
    Netcast BPO helps businesses connect with their customers and prospects the right way. The company covers a wide range of channels to help each business find the right customer touchpoints, including phone, email, chat, and web help.

Netcast BPO Pricing

The website clearly lacks information on Netcast BPO pricing. There is a dedicated Prices page, which, however, doesn’t provide any specific details.

The company claims that its rates are competitive and affordable. According to their website, the Netcast BPO pricing policy offers the following rate structures:

  • Per connect minute
  • Hourly
  • Incentive-based
  • Per transaction

A combination of all the above-mentioned structures is also available.

While there are no fixed rates specified on the website, the company promises to deliver cost-efficient services to every client. According to the company itself, its team is capable of offering the best rates thanks to a wise combination of offshore and US-based personnel.

Netcast BPO Review

The company’s website is quite simple and doesn’t provide much information. On the site, you won’t find even a single Netcast BPO review.

If you look up the company on the Internet, you can find its profile on Clutch. Here, the company has a 5-star rating based on only 3 reviews, all of which are 5-star.

However, not all the feedback left by customers about this company is positive. If you look better, you can even find a negative Netcast BPO review. And if you look up the company’s profile at Indeed, you will learn that former employees rate the company with only 3.3 stars.

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