One Contact was established in 2002 and was initially known as Contact Centres Australia. It is an Australia-based company that specializes in customer interactions, fundraising, and digital solutions.

According to the company, every year OneContact delivers more than 20 million conversations in Australia and New Zealand. In terms of fundraising, the company’s pros have raised more than $100 million for its customers over the past 3 years.

Today, OneContact employs over 900 trained agents and offers a wide range of services aimed at helping businesses ensure a smooth and pleasant customer journey.

OneContact Services

  • Corporate Services
    OneContact offers businesses to become the voice of their brand that delivers effective communication and support to their clients. The company has over 15 years of experience in customer interactions, and, thus, knows how to help you ensure customer satisfaction and retention. The company’s corporate services include inbound support, customized reports, online chat, telemarketing, SMS broadcast service, and a smart messaging platform.
  • Fundraising
    Another area of OneContact’s focus is fundraising. The company’s agents are well-trained and experienced, which lets OneContact guarantee that their fundraising service will help your organization find the needed funding with ease. OneContact offers a range of solutions tailored to different channels, as well as different business needs. The solutions included in the company’s fundraising offering are raffles, regular giving, merchandise sales, data entry & data services, and direct email campaigns.
  • Digital Solutions
    OneContact emphasizes the effect the digital lifestyle has on modern businesses and, thus, offers its digital solutions tailored to serve business needs. The only solution available in the framework of the company’s Digital Solutions offer is Roambee Solution. It aims to help businesses optimize their product & asset monitoring.

OneContact Pricing

OneContact pricing is kept unrevealed until a customer actually requests the company’s services. The reason why OneContact does not have fixed rates is probably that its services are so diversified and depend a lot on each customer’s specific needs and goals. Therefore, in order to get more info, you will need to fill out an inquiry form in which you have to specify the service of your interest and tell more about your business.

Although the rates are not specified on the company’s website, we still managed to find some additional info about OneContact pricing. The company’s account on Clutch mentions that the average hourly rate at OneContact is between $25 and $49.

OneContact Review

At one contact com au, you can check out a few testimonials from the company’s customers. There are not too many testimonials and, of course, each OneContact review on the home page is from a 100% happy customer, but it is a good start anyway.

If you look up this company on Google, you can find a more honest and unbiased OneContact review. On average, across different platforms, the company’s rating is about 4.0 stars. We have found lots of pleasant testimonials. But, there is no need to hide the fact that some customers were not so happy with OneContact services.

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