Find Your Next Best Customer” is the motto of Outbound View. The company is engaged in providing different sales solutions to businesses. Outbound View promises its clients to bring them 10-20 qualified appointments after a month of cooperation. The number of guaranteed meetings is not that large. Besides, the company only provides this guarantee to customers whose companies have the following profiles:

  • over 25 clients
  • over 2 years of experience in a particular business
  • high level of customer satisfaction

An interesting feature, though, is that if the company guarantees to bring you 10-20 meetings in a month, they also make sure that you won’t pay a penny if they succeed!

At the same time, the company promises that the appointments they set are 3 times more likely to end with a closed deal compared to typical cold outreach.

According to the Outbound View website, the company has worked with such companies as Beehive Industries, Econic, GP Strategies, mySidewalk, and ProviderTrust.

Outbound View Services

  • Launch
    For all businesses that are only about to launch their in-house sales team, Outbound View offers a service called “Launch.” In a nutshell, this feature is designed to help companies build their teams right. The company will establish all the processes and provide the technology and training necessary to launch an effective team.
  • Scale
    Another service offered by this company is designed to help organizations book meetings consistently with no effort at all. Outbound View promises to set from 10 to 20 appointments in a month.
  • Intent Data
    Outbound View offers data research services. The company helps B2B businesses create a profile of their ideal buyer and collect vital buyer intent data.
  • BuyerMovement
    Not only does the company help businesses find new clients, but it also assists them with managing their past customers. The service called BuyerMovement is designed to help organizations track their lost contacts.
  • DataTeams
    Outbound View offers DataTeams service to help its customers build effective data lists, perform data cleansing, and get profound insights into its clients’ preferences.
  • EventPro
    Another feature available for businesses at Outbound View is EventPro. This service is created for customers who are looking to drive attendance to their events.

Outbound View Pricing

Transparency belongs to key characteristics of a reliable lead generation partner. Although this company claims that their services are 100% transparent, it is hard to agree with this. First, they keep all the Outbound View pricing hidden. There is not a single word said about their rates on the website. Of course, it is neither new nor rare to see lead gen companies hide their rates. Nevertheless, it is still unfair since their prospects are greatly interested in such kind of information.

Searching through the web, we couldn’t also find any information regarding Outbound View pricing. However, according to Clutch, the minimal project size to work with this service is $1,000+.

Outbound View Review

Outbound View is a very young company. Founded in 2016, this brand is still gaining momentum and trying to build its customer base. Although the company itself claims that it has already worked with many large businesses, unfortunately, there are not many testimonials to confirm this. On the website, there is only one single Outbound View review and it is too short to provide any factual data.

Not wanting to settle for less, we decided to dig deeper and search for another Outbound View review on the web. The only place where we could find any mentions of this company was Clutch. Though the overall rating was fairly high, there are not too many reviews. Not all of the reviews were left by satisfied customers, and there were also clients who remained not so happy with the company’s services.

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