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Effective Lead Generation Companies: How to Choose the Right One?

Firms in the B2B sector can thrive only if they have a sufficient number of clients. Lead generation companies help such businesses acquire potential customers who are interested in their services. 

For instance, Belkins belongs to the world’s top 3 most effective B2B lead generation companies, according to Clutch. It streamlines business growth, matching customers with the most relevant business leads to maximize conversions.

Belkins experts enhance email deliverability by applying state-of-the-art tools. They also implement the latest LinkedIn Marketing strategies. A comprehensive approach allowed Belkins to become the second-best B2B lead generation agency in the U.S. Based on industry leadership and client feedback, Clutch ranks Belkins 258th out of the top-1000 service companies in the world.

Be one step ahead of your competitors. Facilitate your lead generation with Belkins.

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20 years of experience and a strong desire to master new technologies helped Liveops grow into a well-known provider of smart call center solutions. It supplies trained virtual agents that focus on strategic tasks while taking care of sales and customer service. The company’s clients come from different industries, including insurance, travel & hospitality, technology, retail, and telecom.

TSA Group

TSA Group’s expertise lies in establishing and strengthening bonds between companies in Australia and the country’s citizens. It delivers consulting services and implements the most progressive technology solutions to enhance such communication. Using the power of social networking, the company assists businesses in sales, client acquisition, customer support, retention, back-office support, and collections.


Aberdeen’s services include outstanding lead generation and profound marketing analysis for the B2B sector. This company identifies qualified prospects and creates a number of steps to turn them into customers. It offers an inside sales enablement service and provides excellent call center solutions to streamline business processes.


OPTIMA is a Canadian company providing B2B businesses with remarkable contact center solutions to improve relationships with clients. The company has both in-house and outsourced teams operating unanimously. It delivers exquisite multi-channel customer service and suggests sound solutions regarding customer retention.

1st Leads

The 1st Leads team focuses on generating quality leads for B2B businesses. Additionally, it provides excellent event registration, appointment setting, and content syndication services. The company also offers outstanding call center solutions to facilitate sales teams' efforts and drive excellent results.

Pioneer Lists

Pioneer Lists is a powerful lead generation solutions vendor operating across numerous sectors, such as education, sports, finance, travel, etc. This company has remarkable expertise in digital marketing and data services. Launching efficient campaigns to drive tangible results is Pioneer Lists’ mission, as well as updating customer databases.

Types of B2B Lead Generation Companies

Various companies implement different practices to acquire prospects, so it’s essential to understand what services they can provide. A typical lead generation company deals with the following tasks:

  • lead qualification;
  • client acquisition and retention;
  • email marketing;
  • content marketing;
  • search engine optimization;
  • SMM;
  • telemarketing;
  • LinkedIn marketing. 

Some B2B lead generation companies also provide appointment setting services. Additionally, you may come across a firm that will promote your events or select talented experts or a remote team to facilitate your business processes. Furthermore, you will also enhance your customer support by ordering such services from certain lead-generating companies mentioned above. This will help you delegate tasks more effectively and focus on the most crucial aspects of your industry.  

How to understand which lead generation marketing company will suit your needs best? It should fulfill the most urgent demands your business is facing right now. Your firm might require comprehensive solutions or just a couple of tips to improve its operations. Here are a few examples of business needs that your company might be experiencing at the moment:

  • creating an ideal customer profile (ICP);
  • investigating the preferences of your buyer persona;
  • receiving new leads;
  • scheduling and attending appointments;
  • data collection and analysis.

Understanding which areas of your business need improvement are key to finding what you need on our lead generation companies list. Read further to learn what characteristics truly matter while searching for the best service provider. 

How to Select Among Lead Generation Companies in the USA?

Investigate the following criteria to find out how you can benefit from the services provided by a particular organization mentioned above.

Types of Services Lead Generating Companies Offer

There exist inbound and outbound lead generation companies in the B2B sector. The first type concentrates on attracting the right kind of audience by supplying them with interesting resources, such as tutorials, webinars, and how-to articles. The content is usually published on a company's website and social media pages. The second one involves more proactive tactics that include creating email campaigns, sending direct mail, and applying a “callbox” approach to reach potential customers by phone. 

There are also a few sub-industries in this niche that differ according to their clientele:

  • major-account organizations involving several decision-makers 

They target large businesses, offering them comprehensive B2B solutions with long sales cycles to boost their ROI.

  • small-sale companies 

They find leads for their clients to make smaller purchases with reduced sales cycles and simplified procedures.

Company’s Reputation

Marketers pay extra attention to the company’s reputation, and it truly matters not only to customers but also to search engines. Here are a few essential factors you should consider that disclose its position in the hierarchy:

  • Google rankings;
  • assessments and testimonials on review platforms;
  • position on platforms listing lead generation providers;
  • assessments by independent reviewers;
  • awards and industry-specific prizes.

Make sure that all the data you request comes from reliable and trustworthy sources describing the company in question.

Strategies to Fulfill Your Goals 

Companies use different approaches to meet their clients’ goals, so consider the following options to understand which strategy will work for you: 

The key to choosing the best provider for you is to find out how well they can tailor their offerings to your exact needs:

  • service package or a specific offer;
  • fully outsourced or partially self-managed;
  • ready-made solutions or personalized offer;
  • additional services to add value and enhance client satisfaction (educational webinars, free “callbox” services, etc.)

It is also important to receive clear feedback from an agency regarding such topics as: 

  • how they will fit with your unique client acquisition strategy;
  • what stages of the funnel they will handle;
  • how to boost conversions. 

If a company doesn't provide you with the answers to the above-mentioned questions, beware of scams!

How Does a B2B lead generation agency get leads?

Almost every company listed above will promise you a plethora of leads that are relevant to your niche. Nevertheless, you should be attentive and carefully check whether they are qualified. For instance, some firms buy lists or cold-call random people. Thus, ask a few questions to figure out the level of the company's expertise:

  • What is your source of company leads?
  • What criteria do you use to qualify them?
  • How do you screen potential customers?
  • Do you resort to any third-party lead providers?
  • How often do you update your lead base?
  • What lead scoring model do you use?
  • Will the lead list be composed specifically for me or also sent to other recipients? 

Although exclusive lists might cost more, your investment will pay off in the long run as you will get a high ROI.

Progressive Technology

Today, almost every B2B lead generation agency employs automation tools to boost their conversion rates and gain valuable insights. After all, a sales lead now means not only a person who might be interested in the company’s offers but a prospect who’s ready to make a purchase. Thus, automation has become an integral part of B2B lead generation services. Modern marketers make sure to increase engagement before setting any appointments. They use the latest technology to track the results of their campaigns and improve different aspects of their promotion strategies.

Explore the following functions that various tools can enhance:

  • prospect verification;
  • marketing automation;
  • email automation;
  • CRM; 
  • CRO; 
  • social media management;
  • reporting; 
  • analytics; 
  • call tracking;
  • SEO.

What technology do you need to automate, handle, and optimize your marketing campaigns? If you want to buy such services from a third party, select one of IT lead generation companies from our list. They will make sure that the tools you need can be easily installed and synchronized with the ones you are already using. You might also be offered to upgrade your CRM system in order to improve communication with your clients. 

Human Factor

Human resources matter, so it’s okay to ask who will be in charge of your tasks. Transparency is a sign of a reliable business partner, so don’t hesitate to sort out B2B lead generation firms that won’t be able to provide a clear answer to your questions regarding the talents who will perform the duties. 

Furthermore, feel free to examine the best lead generation companies you’ve selected to find the right one: 

  1. What experience do team members have (individually and collectively)?
  2. What will each team member do, exactly?
  3. How well has the team investigated my company’s services? 
  4. How will you handle a situation where one of the team members leaves?

Although these questions imply quite obvious answers, it's essential to ask them. Some companies might not simply have the right people to manage your campaigns at the moment. Thus, it is better to double-check whether the team you're going to hire is capable of performing a specific activity. 

Additionally, you want to make sure that the agency has a good risk-mitigation plan for an emergency case. Top lead generation companies usually have numerous tactics to ensure a stable workflow, even if things go wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask your new service provider about their practices if they are somehow connected to your activities:

  • recruitment; 
  • onboarding;
  • training;
  • subcontracting;
  • core KPIs;
  • management principles.

Sometimes, simply knowing that that company is using safe practices is enough to feel comfortable with your new partnership. For instance, you can be sure that they will quickly hire a freelancer or a remote employee if they experience an urgent need to fill a vacancy.

Other Essential Aspects to Consider in Order to Get Quality Sales Lead Generation Services

Decision-makers take into account all possible factors that impact the success of their future collaboration. Thus, we prepared a handful of other important aspects that might play a crucial role in the future success of your endeavors.

If you've decided to outsource lead acquisition, you should be as precise as possible when it comes to calculating the budget. Such services might be costly, but you will find out that there are great alternatives that don't cost a fortune if you dig deep. The following points will help you streamline your research process and come up with a list of affordable companies that provide their customers with solid guarantees. 

Pricing, Refund Policy, and Guarantees

Pricing policies for companies’ leads may vary, depending on the provider’s status and operational costs. Moreover, different prospects might have different prices; for instance, the ones that involve the work of a more significant number of experts will have a higher cost.  

All these factors have an influence on the total cost of the company's services that will be indicated in the final bill. Thus, you should take them into consideration right from the start. Furthermore, you should figure out approximately how many deals you will be able to close using the leads acquired by a third party. The following example might make it clear how to perform such calculations.

If you pay $100 per lead and the closure rate is 1:10, you are basically paying $1,000 per client. So if your partner charges you $900-$1000 per 10 leads, it is not a fair deal. Respected and trusted companies tend to charge you only when you are able to close the deal. At the same time, their services tend to cost more than the ones of lead acquisition businesses charging per prospect. 

You might also want to know about the company's refund policy. Is it easy to receive your money back if something goes wrong, and you are not satisfied with their services? What payment options do they have to make a refund? What terms and conditions do they have regarding sending back your money? 

The thing is, companies in the same market might have a totally different opinion of what a bad lead is. It is better to double-check whether your new partner is going to refund your money if your lead is not qualified or you cannot get in touch with them.

Avoiding disappointment is crucial in a business partnership, especially if both parties are interested in a long-term cooperation. Therefore, it is better to discuss everything before you start working to avoid frustration. Ask them directly what guarantees they can provide you with once you close the deal? Additionally, enquire whether your new partner is more capable of helping you achieve short-term goals or working with you for a long time. We recommend you not to take any further steps until you know for sure that you are ready to give your money to a trustworthy company. 

Should I outsource services to a lead generation company?

Have concerns? It is only natural since we have so many companies on our list. And the best way to determine whether you’ve made the right choice is to put your collaboration to the test. Ask for a trial period where both of you will be able to see how well you get along with each other. 

Pay attention to KPIs and assess the overall success of your interactions. This typically includes the quality and quantity of leads, conversion rates, and improved results of marketing campaigns. What matters by the end of the trial period is the fact that you profited more than you invested in lead generation. If it's your story, congratulations! You’ve chosen the right company to work with.

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When you need good B2B sales software, you shouldn’t play a guessing game.

It takes a long search, a lot of brainstorming as well as weighing down pros and cons before you find the tool that works for you. That’s why we decided to do all the hard work for you by gathering a selection of the best B2B sales tools available. This list comes complete with descriptions, ratings, and recommendations.

When you need good B2B sales software, you shouldn’t play a guessing game.

It takes a long search, a lot of brainstorming as well as weighing down pros and cons before you find the tool that works for you. That’s why we decided to do all the hard work for you by gathering a selection of the best B2B sales tools available. This list comes complete with descriptions, ratings, and recommendations.

The tools from our list are recognized by thousands of Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Do you need to build a smooth sales pipeline? Power up your lead generation? Get a tool that provides great monitoring features? We understand that everybody needs a particular B2B sales tool for a particular sales goal. We constantly update our list, so you would always be able to find the tool that fits your goals like a glove.

There is no Ultimate Sales Tool that works for every business can instantly reach any objective.

Your choice of B2B sales prospecting tools depends on your needs, your company size, your target audience, and your industry. This is why we suggest studying each description closely before you choose a tool. We made sure to supply you with all the information necessary - and if you have any remaining questions, don’t be shy to contact us.

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