PCN has been helping businesses succeed for over 30 years now. The company was launched in 1989. PCN's core goal is to provide all-around b2b lead generation and call center services to help businesses ensure client satisfaction and deliver top-notch customer care with ease.

PCN delivers answering services and call center support to businesses of all scales. Currently, the company serves businesses from such industries as real estate, law, medicine, small business, trade, accounting, and government agencies.

PCN Services

  • Live Answering Service
    PCN helps businesses be available for their customers on any day and at any time. The company offers its live answering services to ensure that you won’t miss even a single phone call and will deliver top-notch customer service without a hassle.
  • 24 Hour Answering Service
    Apart from regular, office-hours live answering services, PCN also offers its customers to benefit from their around-the-clock answering service. Using this service, businesses can provide immediate response and assistance to their customers 24/7. The company’s experienced operators will make sure that not a single call is missed, even at weekends, holidays, or nighttime.
  • miSecure Messaging
    The miSecure messaging feature allows medical businesses to send secure, encrypted messages to the users of Apple (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), BlackBerry, and Android devices. This encrypted messaging system helps to keep the organization’s and its patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI) safe and sound.
  • Lead Capture
    PCN helps businesses thrive with the help of an effective marketing plan. The company helps its customers to identify, generate, and qualify high-value business leads to drive more sales.
  • Virtual Office Services
    PCN helps businesses interact with their prospects with ease and, at the same time, ensure their satisfaction. The company encourages businesses to use their virtual office services not to miss out on a single lead or deal that comes their way. Businesses can rely on PCN’s call centers to answer the calls they can’t handle themselves.

PCN Pricing

Neither the PCN pricing plans nor the price formation model of the company is revealed on their website. Businesses have to reach out to the company and request a quote to figure out the price for PCN’s services.

One thing regarding the PCN pricing that really makes this provider stand out is that they offer a one-week, risk-free trial period. Frankly speaking, it is rather uncommon to see a company in this industry to offer a free trial.

PCN Review

PCN can boast of pretty extensive experience. The company has been delivering call center solutions to businesses for over 30 years already and has seemingly gained its customers' trust and loyalty.

Looking for a PCN review on their site, you can find the Testimonials page. Unfortunately, there are only 4 testimonials here. They are all positive, but the number is too small taking into account the long history of the brand.

However, if you look for a PCN review outside the company’s website, you can find more feedback. We can’t say that the company’s high rating is justified by customer testimonials. In fact, while there are many positive reviews, there are also many negative ones.

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