Salesify was founded in 2005 and has been helping businesses to close deals faster and easier ever since. With Salesify, B2B USA businesses could gain valuable insights into their competitors and target role-based contacts to connect with the right decision-makers and drive revenue.

Throughout its experience, Salesify has helped many customers find their targeted buyers and reach their business goals. The company earned a solid reputation and was acquired by Ziff Davis in 2015.

Currently, Salesify exists in the framework of the J2 Global group. In a nutshell, the J2 Global company is a tandem of Ziff Davis and two expert companies acquired by it - Salesify and Demandshore.

Collectively, these three entities have over 15 years of experience in the B2B Tech Performance Marketing sector. Today, they work jointly to deliver even better results to their customers. Some of their key customers are Adaptive Insights, Aqua Security, Bloomberg, CallidusCloud, Datawatch, SurveyMonkey, Synopsys, Tradeshift, VeloCloud, and others.

Salesify Services

  • Enrich
    One of the core services offered by Salesify aims to help businesses ensure customer data integrity. The company helps its customers collect valuable marketing data to get a competitive advantage, build brand loyalty, and boost ROI.
  • Connect
    Another service delivered by Salesify helps B2B businesses connect with high-value new businesses leads. The company works as a virtual extension to its client’s in-house team and handles active engagement with targeted decision-makers to set effective appointments.
  • Generate
    Salesify offers to become its clients’ reliable partner for sales lead generation. The company takes care of generating high-quality leads, allowing its clients’ sales teams to focus on closing deals.
  • Profile
    The company also offers Strategic Account Management and Account-Based Marketing services to help its customers to find and shape qualified strategic accounts to boost revenue.
  • Converge
    Salesify helps B2B companies identify, prioritize, and consistently expand their target account list, optimize marketing strategy with the help of detailed insights, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Salesify Pricing

The company follows a non-disclosure strategy in terms of its rates. Thus, users won’t find any information about the Salesify pricing policy. This can probably be explained by the fact that the cost of the company’s services is calculated individually for every customer based on numerous factors.

If you look for information about Salesify pricing elsewhere on the web, you also won’t find any specific details.

Salesify Review

On the Ziff Davis website, there are only two customer reviews. The company has a profile on Clutch. However, there is not even single feedback about its work. Generally, it is hard to find reviews about these companies as a whole on the web.

As for a Salesify review, the old website is no longer available, so you can’t check testimonials there. Salesify has a profile on Clutch with a 4.5-star rating based on 5 reviews. Although most testimonials are positive, there are two reviews that are not that good. One awards Salesify with 4 stars. And one more Salesify review gives the company an even lower score of 3.5 stars. These two reviews award the company a small number of stars in terms of cost and quality and don’t indicate that they are willing to recommend Salesify to others.

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