Smash Deck is a relatively young company. It was founded in 2015 and is just gaining momentum.

Smash Deck serves B2B product-led companies. It plays the role of a reliable partner who helps businesses drive more customers, optimize marketing and sales efforts, and enhance revenue. The two core focuses of the company are outbound sales and targeted demand generation.

Smash Deck serves as an extension to its customers’ in-house sales and marketing teams, enhancing the results and attaining business goals with ease. Unfortunately, the company’s website really lacks information. Not much is said about the company itself and the solutions it delivers.

Smash Deck Services

  • Research
    Smash Deck helps B2B lead generation service businesses research the market and conduct an in-depth analysis of existing customers in order to draw an accurate ideal customer profile.
  • Prospecting Strategy
    Based on each business’s specific vision and needs, as well as on the data acquired through research and analysis, Smash Deck helps its customers build an effective outreach strategy and create comprehensive plans for continuous outreach.
  • List Building
    Having a high-quality customer database, filled with vital data is crucial for every business. Smash Deck recognizes this and offers its customers effective list-building services. The company uses multiple tactics and tools to help you build a perfect customer list.
  • Segmentation and Messaging
    Apart from researching and building b2b lead lists, Smash Deck also helps to streamline businesses’ interactions with their customers. The company helps to segment clients based on relevant triggers, create effective messaging pillars, and take care of weekly interactions.
  • Multi-Channel Coordination
    Smash Deck also offers multi-channel outreach services. The company can identify the prospects who show intent and create personalized voice or Linkedin outreach for each.
  • Optimization
    Smash Deck helps businesses analyze their ideal customer profile and narrow it down to make those ICPs even more accurate.
  • Booked Sales Meetings
    Lastly, Smash Deck helps businesses book appointments with the right business leads, who are ready and willing to have a direct sales conversation.

Smash Deck Pricing

There is no information available regarding the Smash Deck pricing. As was mentioned earlier, the company’s website really lacks specifics. Their site is pretty much a one-page website that only contains a brief explanation of the company and what they do.

Apparently, to learn more about the Smash Deck pricing policy, potential customers have to directly contact the company. However, we know that not all of the company’s former and current clients are happy with their rates. There are quite a few reviews on the web that don’t award Smash Deck with the highest rating in terms of cost.

Smash Deck Review

Smash Deck is a relatively young company. Thus, it is not surprising that they don’t yet have tons of customer testimonials. On the company’s website itself, there is one video Smash Deck review placed closer to the top of the page, and another one as you scroll down. Both reviews are positive.

However, when we checked trusted platforms for an unbiased Smash Deck review, we also found quite many neutral and not-so-satisfied reviews.

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