Founded back in 1989, Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. (shortened SSM) is one of the pioneers in the lead generation market. The company finds its mission in empowering B2B businesses to grow their sales potential and develop b2b outside sales strategies. It provides lead generation, management, and appointment setting services in multiple fields.

The extensive experience made the company a recognized lead gen partner. The SSM team can boast of millions of generated business leads, thousands of customers, and a long history of helping businesses boost their revenue.

Although the company claims that it has already served thousands of clients, there is no information available about who its key customers are.

Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. Services

  • Appointment Setting
    The company offers appointment setting services to help businesses secure effective meetings, at the same time, allowing sales teams to focus on more important tasks.
  • Inbound Lead Qualification
    SSM helps companies handle business lead qualification quicker and easier, streamline the sales process and ensure more closed deals.
  • Lead Generation
    Lead generation is one of the company’s core services. SSM promises to generate qualified leads for its customers on a regular basis.
  • Email Programs
    The company provides a list-building service to help its customers create effective email campaigns with ease.
  • Marketing Research & Surveys
    SSM delivers research solutions to help businesses get the most up-to-date and relevant information about their market and potential customers.
  • Phone Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    The company has a dedicated call center that can help businesses follow up with their existing customers and ensure a high level of satisfaction.
  • Lead Management
    Not only does Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. help businesses find high-quality leads, but it also assists with managing them wisely in order to get the most benefits.
  • Social Media Lead Generation
    SSM offers its customers a variety of lead generation solutions, including social media lead generation aimed at serving B2B businesses with different needs.
  • Sales Coaching
    The company offers a variety of sales coaching programs tailored to every specific need and goal customers may have.
  • Website Lead Generation
    SSM offers businesses to leverage their expertise in SEO to generate even more qualified b2b leads and promote their websites rank in search engines.
  • Specialty Services
    The company also offers a range of additional services to help businesses foster growth. Their specialty services include Event Registration, Trade Show Follow-Up, Database Clean Up, and Integrated Marketing Services.

Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. Pricing

According to Clutch, the minimal project size at this company is over $1,000. However, what we didn’t like is the fact that their website does not provide any data on Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. pricing. It is not good since any prospective customer is eager to know this information.

Similarly, if you look up the “Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. pricing” request on the web, you won’t also find much about it. All you can see is some general numbers.

However, it is worth noting that the company offers new customers the possibility of a free test drive of their services.

Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. Review

If you are wondering what others say about SSM, you can check out the Testimonials page on the company’s website. We carefully studied every Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. review posted on their website and, of course, they all are highly positive. However, reading through the reviews, it is easy to get a feeling that they are fake. Every testimonial reads way too good, formal, and implausible.

To make our Strategic Sales and Marketing Inc. review look complete, we also checked the reviews on other online platforms. We found many positive reviews. But there are also quite many negative ones.

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