Superhuman Prospecting is a rather young company with less than 5 years of experience. Nevertheless, it has already served many customers and earned a solid reputation.

Superhuman Prospecting finds its mission in helping B2B businesses strengthen their sales team efforts, increase conversions, and drive more sales with the help of professional and effective lead generation and appointment setting services.

The company offers a wide range of inbound and outbound services to help businesses hold effective conversations with their customers. Also, Superhuman Prospecting is engaged in building high-quality prospecting lists and providing inside sales support.

Despite its small experience, the company already has an extensive portfolio. Some of its key customers are The Economist, AmerisourceBergen, Oilman Magazine, Faction, Aflac, and others.

Superhuman Prospecting Services


  • Cold Calling
    Superhuman Prospecting has a dedicated outbound call center that employs professional callers. The company offers B2B businesses to leverage its team’s experience and professionalism for effective outbound prospecting and cold calling.
  • Appointment Setting
    Another service available for B2B businesses at Superhuman Prospecting is appointment setting. The company promises to help its customers fill their calendars with promising appointments scheduled with the right business leads.
  • Lead Generation
    Superhuman Prospecting finds its mission in delivering great sales opportunities to its customers. Using the company’s lead generation services, businesses can fill their sales pipeline with more qualified leads.
  • Prospecting Lists
    To help every client attain long-term business goals and drive even more sales, Superhuman Prospecting assists with building high-quality prospecting lists that can strengthen your overall outbound sales strategy.


  • Inbound Appointment Setting
    Superhuman Prospecting helps businesses find appointments that are further along in the buying process. The company will provide you with a pro team and manage it. It will empower your brand voice and secure lots of qualified appointments.
  • Inbound Lead Qualification & Support
    To schedule better appointments, Superhuman Prospecting offers effective lead qualification services. The company will help you identify the most promising leads and connect with them. And they also offer Inside Sales Support.

Superhuman Prospecting Pricing

On their website, there is no Superhuman Prospecting pricing page as such. Or, better say, there is also absolutely no information about the Superhuman Prospecting pricing policy at all.

While it is generally natural for such companies not to disclose their prices, one thing that is a bit odd is that they don’t say anything about the price for its services, not even that it is cost-efficient.

Superhuman Prospecting Review

On the company’s website, you can find some testimonials. Each Superhuman Prospecting review gives the company 5 stars out of five. However, there are reasons to believe that the ratings are slightly exaggerated.

At the bottom of the home page, there are two small banners claiming that Superhuman Prospecting reviews on Clutch and Google both have a 5-star rating. Whereas in reality, it is 4.9. Of course, the company has quite many positive reviews. But the reason why its rating is not 5.0 stars is that there is some neutral and negative feedback as well.

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