Tactical TeleSolutions or simply TTS San Francisco is a US-based b2b lead gen company. The company was founded in 1991 and is one of the leaders in the field of call center services. And, according to Tactical TeleSolutions Inc. Magazine’s award, it is also one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the US. 

TTS telemarketing offers a wide range of services aimed at helping B2B businesses generate sales leads, set appointments, ensure outstanding customer experience, and make their in-house teams more productive.

Tactical TeleSolutions Services

  • Sales Lead Generation
    Tactical TeleSolutions has extensive experience in B2B lead generation and appointment setting. The company offers businesses to use its expertise and innovation to drive more leads into their sales pipeline and secure quality appointments with the key decision-makers. The sales lead generation service is meant for companies in technology, biotech, and life sciences fields.
  • Lead Generation for Technical and Life Science Organizations
    Another type of service is basically the same as the previous one. The only difference is that it focuses on delivering b2b lead generation solutions tailored to the specific needs of technical and life science organizations in the US. In the framework of this type of service, Tactical TeleSolutions helps its customers handle a variety of tasks related to lead generation, including surveying, data analysis, and much more.
  • Virtual Event and Online Conference Registration
    Some other things in which Tactical TeleSolutions is a true expert are event marketing, sales, event registrations, and data management. The company helps businesses ensure the success of their virtual and online events.
  • Business to Business Sales Appointment Setting
    Tactical TeleSolutions is ready to help B2B companies connect with the right leads and add lots of qualified appointments to their calendars. With the company’s B2B outside sales appointment setting service, you can let your team focus on closing deals rather than on time-consuming appointment negotiation and setting.
  • Live Remote Receprionist
    One more solution businesses can get from Tactical TeleSolutions is a Live Remote Receptionist. This solution was developed to help businesses take their customer interactions to the next level and ensure satisfaction through being there for your customers whenever they need you.
  • Sales Team Consulting
    Although the main mission of Tactical TeleSolutions is to supply businesses with professional outsourced sales agents, the company can also help you boost the effectiveness of your in-house team by delivering excellent consulting services.

Tactical TeleSolutions Pricing

On the website, there is no separate page dedicated to Tactical TeleSolutions pricing. However, in the FAQ, there is a section named Tactical TeleSolutions Pricing questions.

There are 8 questions and answers to them. But, unfortunately, none of these answers is specific. Basically, the answers only provide you with some superficial information, whereas the actual pricing and fees remain hidden.

Tactical TeleSolutions Review

On its website, Tactical TeleSolutions has a dedicated page with customer testimonials that users can check out to learn what customers think of this company and its services. In fact, though it is not surprising, each of the three Tactical TeleSolutions reviews posted on this page is 100% positive. Under the testimonials, there is also a list of the company’s past partners, and it is worth noting that the list is pretty extensive. Thus, it doesn’t make sense why there are not too many testimonials.

As for a more unbiased Tactical TeleSolutions review, there are some testimonials from customers and employees posted on the web. Across different platforms, the company has about the same rating between 3.6 and 4.0 stars out of 5. This is not a bad result, but it clearly indicates that there are both positive and not-so-positive reviews describing this company.

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