TeleReach Inc. started in 1996 as a small US-based company. The company’s office is located in Houston, Texas.

TeleReach is serving B2B lead generation service companies. The company can serve businesses of different types and scopes, from small private companies to Fortune 500 businesses. Also, TeleReach can serve customers across different fields. Some of the industries the company has served include technology, industrial services, staffing, entertainment & hospitality, wholesale distribution, telecommunications, professional services, and government programs.

Today, TeleReach Corporate focuses on delivering marketing, business development, and outbound sales services.

TeleReach Corporate Services

  • Telemarketing
    TeleReach Corporate specializes in delivering telemarketing services. The company’s website lacks specific information about each type of service. The only info that TeleReach Corporate provides is that its telemarketing services include such features as appointment setting and b2b lead generation. These are basically the core services. Apart from that, TeleReach calling agents can help businesses with such matters as seminar reservations, information gathering, website marketing, prospect education, direct mail follow-up, trade show follow-up, and product introductions.
  • Other Services
    Apart from the traditional telemarketing, TeleReach Corporate also provides businesses with a range of additional services. Once again, there are no specific explanations for each type of service. There is only a list of available solutions that consist of such services as list development, list merging, list updating, script development, database sourcing, tracking reports, program evaluation, prospect identification, and prospect feedback. For more info on each service, users should connect with the company directly.

TeleReach Corporate Pricing

The B2B lead gen company’s website is very simple and clearly lacks information. There are not many specifics about the offered services and absolutely no info about the TeleReach Corporate pricing policy.

If you search for information outside of the company’s website, you can find some more details. For example, the company’s profile on Clutch reveals some details about TeleReach Corporate pricing. According to the source, TeleReach Corporate requests an average hourly pay of $25-$49.

TeleReach Corporate Review

As was already mentioned earlier, the B2B lead generation company’s website is not really informative. Just like there are no prices or details about the company’s services, there is also no single TeleReach Corporate review.

Even outside of the website, it is a real challenge to find at least one full-fledged TeleReach Corporate review. Although the company has the highest rating on Google (which is, by the way, based on only one testimonial), it is possible to find more TeleReach reviews that aren’t so pleasant.

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