Transcom is a real expert in the field of customer care, customer experience, B2B outside sales, tech support, and collection services. The company has a long history. Established in 1995 in Sweden, Transcom has a global presence and over 50 call centers today. Transcom call center locations are distributed across 20 countries around the world. Some of the company’s branches include Transcom San Antonio and Transcom North America. At the same time, compared to other B2B sales lead generation companies Transcom offers a wide range of services all aimed at improving customer experience, journey, and retention. Also, being an international company, offers multilingual support in 33 languages.

Transcom is serving businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries.

Transcom Services

  • Customer Service
    Transcom has a large pool of trained agents who can merge into your team to ensure premium-level customer service and brand experience.
  • Customer Acquisition
    One more service offered by Transcom is customer acquisition. The company offers businesses a cost-efficient way to identify and win new sales opportunities and build strong customer relationships.
  • Cross-Selling & Upselling
    Transcom’s experienced agents know exactly how to identify your customers’ needs during any kind of interaction and they use this knowledge to boost your average deal size by cross-selling and upselling your products and services.
  • Customer Retention
    Building strong relationships with customers, Transcom also helps you increase brand loyalty and maximize the lifetime of every customer. With their customer retention services, you can preserve your clients with ease.
  • Technical Support
    Apart from delivering top-level customer care, Transcom also helps businesses deliver outstanding technical support in the most complex scenarios.
  • Collection Services
    The company offers the full range of collection services, such as payment reminder calls and so on, helping businesses ensure excellent customer experience at all times.
  • CX Advisory
    Lastly, Transcom provides professional consulting services to help businesses streamline their processes and create a convenient and pleasant customer journey for every client.

Transcom Pricing

Transcom pricing is rather unclear. According to Clutch, the minimum size of a project is $1,000+. However, on the company’s website, there is absolutely no information about the Transcom pricing model or available plans, so the only way to know more is to talk to one of the company’s representatives.

Transcom Review

The website doesn’t contain a single Transcom review. What’s more, on the web, there are also not too many reviews about this company. This is rather strange given the long history of Transcom, but even their profile on Clutch doesn’t have a single Transcom review.

However, if you show persistency and dig deeper, you will find some testimonials. There are some positive reviews. However, there are also some bad ones from both the company’s clients and former employees.

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