Velan Info Coimbatore, India was founded in 2007. The company is engaged in helping businesses grow and achieve their goals by leveraging the experience and professionalism of the best industry specialists.

Velan is considered a reliable outsourcing partner that helps businesses fill their teams with the right talents from different sectors.

The core focus of Velan is the delivery of cost-efficient and handy IT and business process management services. All services offered by the company are aimed at business transformation. At the same time, Velan helps businesses solve a variety of mobility, eCommerce, and cloud issues, and get a competitive advantage.

Velan Services

  • Digital Transformation
    One of the core Velan info services is digital transformation. The company offers businesses to leverage the expertise of its team to boost their service delivery and bring more value to their customers. Some features included in Velan’s digital transformation package are cloud services, mobility services, portal services, and digital commerce services.
  • Digital Accelerators
    Another group of services offered by Velan is named Digital Accelerators. This service is meant to help businesses develop and get a competitive advantage through leveraging technology. The services include robotic process automation, DevOps services, and business intelligence services.
  • Business Process Services
    Finally, Velan helps businesses to get the most of their operational assets by optimizing and streamlining their day-to-day operations and, thus, boosting the effectiveness of the whole process. Some of the services included here are finance & accounting, revenue cycle management, business support services, and PCB engineering services.

Velan Pricing

On the website, there is no Velan pricing page nor any mentions of how much their services cost. The company doesn’t even share any details concerning the pricing and payment models they use.

However, on the website, there is a short contact form, four phone numbers, and an email using which you can connect with the company directly. And there is also a live chat. Most likely, you will be able to get more details about Velan pricing from the company’s reps.

Velan Review

If you want to learn more about the company, you can find a couple of reviews on Velan’s website.

On the web, there is not too much feedback about Velan. It takes time to find at least one unbiased Velan review because the company’s profiles on most trusted testimonials platforms (like Clutch) are empty. Meaning there is not a single Velan review there.

However, when you finally manage to find out what customers say about Velan, you can learn that there is a big share of satisfied customers, but there are also many Velan info services complaints.

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