VSynergize Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2001. The company has almost 20 years of successful operation behind its shoulders and offers a wide range of lead generation and related services.

VSynergize caters solutions to B2B organizations engaged in a variety of industries. The company itself claims that it is much more than another B2B sales lead generation service. It claims to be a reliable partner that helps B2B USA businesses grow and reach their goals.

The core services of VSynergize Outsourcing are the delivery of qualified sales leads, outsourced staffing with the right talents, etc. The company provides the following guarantees to all its customers:

  • Timely and well-paced sales leads
  • 20% conversions
  • Sales-ready appointments

Thanks to its long history in the industry, VSynergize seems to have gained the trust of its customers. The company itself claims that it has already served hundreds of companies, including large organizations and leaders from various industries. However, VSynergize does not disclose the names of any of its key clients.

VSynergize Services

Lead Generation

  • B2B Data
    VSynergize helps companies gain vital insights and data to make more informed decisions.
  • Marketing Qualified Leads
    The company allows you to add qualified marketing leads to your pipeline to get ahead of the competition.
  • Sales Qualified Leads
    VSynergize makes it easy to convert marketing leads to high-quality B2B sales leads.
  • BANT Qualified Leads
    The company uses BANT to help businesses identify leads that are just right for them and reach their engagement goals.
  • Voice Verified Leads
    To ensure a high quality of every lead, VSynergy can contact interested leads to qualify them personally.
  • Appointment Setting
    VSynergize creates great sales opportunities for its customers by setting appointments with the right corporate leads.
  • Contact Discovery
    This service will help businesses connect with the right prospecting people who are responsible for decision making.
  • Data Append & Cleaning
    VSynergize can take care of your data, polishing and optimizing it to ensure the highest ROI of your campaigns.

Demand Generation

  • Account-Based Marketing
    VSynergize offers multi-channel marketing plans for businesses’ strategic accounts.
  • Content Syndication
    Amplify your content across multiple channels to reach the right prospects and ensure better results.
  • SDR As A Service
    VSynergize helps businesses strengthen their in-house teams with outsourced sales talents.
  • Lead Nurturing
    The company helps to guide and nurture its clients’ targeted leads.
  • Email Marketing
    VSynergize can help B2B businesses develop email marketing campaigns that work and bring revenue.
  • Event Marketing
    The company offers help with boosting the attendance and turnout of your events through effective event marketing.
  • VConnect
    VConnect is a platform created by VSynergize that helps businesses focus on closing deals while VConnect is taking care of sales calls, lead qualification, and lead generation.
  • Webinar Marketing
    VSynergize helps businesses make the most benefit of their webinars by building effective webinar marketing strategies.

VSynergize Pricing

The VSynergize pricing policy is somewhat shady. Despite the company’s seemingly full transparency, it does not provide any bits of information regarding the cost of their services. They don’t even specify the minimum price.

If you look at the company’s profile on Clutch, the only thing you can learn about the VSynergize pricing is the minimum project size, which is $1,000+. That’s pretty much it. Other than that, there is no clarity in terms of service prices. The cost is probably calculated individually for every customer, so the only way to know it is to request a consultation from the company directly.

One more thing worth noting is that it is not surprising that VSynergize doesn’t mention anything about its prices on the website. The website actually lacks lots of important information. Just to give an example, there are even no Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

VSynergize Review

If you are looking for a VSynergize review, you can find some feedback on the company’s site. There is a page called Client Testimonials, where the company posted some comments from existing customers. Unfortunately, there are only 4 testimonials on this page. You would think that a company with such a long history should have more feedback, but, for some reason, they prefer not to share them publicly.

Also, on their Client Testimonials page, the company doesn’t specify the name of the organizations that left these reviews. Pretty much every VSynergize review you can see is signed with the position of the client who left it and a “big” statement like “of the leading Tech company.” This can make you think that reviews are not real.

On Clutch and other independent online platforms, VSynergize has a pretty high rating. Typically, it is 4 and more stars. However, these ratings are also based on a very small amount of comments (3-5). Yet, while many reviews are positive, we managed to find the negative ones as well.

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