Worldwide Call Centers is a big company with a long history. The company was founded in 1998 and has a vast experience in helping businesses outsource their daily processes to expert agents.

The main goal of the company is to make the process of outsourcing a call center worldwide available and simple for all businesses out there. Today, the company’s network is huge. Worldwide corporate center call centers are located in more than 25 countries, making this service truly international.

WorldWideCallCenters Services

  • Call Center Consulting
    First of all, WorldWideCallCenters offers its customers and prospects to get consulting help from its professional team. The Call Center Consulting service is free of charge and aims to help businesses identify their issues and find the right outsourcing solutions.
  • Customer Support
    The company also helps its customers facilitate customer support outsourcing. The team of WorldWideCallCenters can help you hire expert support reps both onshore (US) and offshore to ensure that you will deliver excellent customer support at all times.
  • Telemarketing
    WorldWideCallCenters offers businesses to outsource their telemarketing activities to the right people. The company will help you find experts who will gladly handle your live calls and deliver the best results.
  • Emergency & Disaster Call Centers
    A wide range of disasters like hurricanes, snowstorms, and so on can harm the operation of your call centers. For such cases, WorlWideCallCenters offers its emergency & disaster services that will keep your business up and running despite the circumstances.
  • Lead Generation
    The company helps businesses outsource their b2b lead generation activities to let their in-house sales teams focus on closing deals.
  • Technical Support
    Another service offered by WorldWideCallCenters is the help with outsourcing technical support. The company helps businesses connect with the right specialists who can consistently help their clients with software and tech issues.
  • Email Customer Support
    The company offers businesses to shape a dedicated outsourced team to deliver high-quality customer support via email.
  • Text Customer Support
    Another form of customer support service you can outsource with WorldWideCallCenters is text messages.
  • Appointment Setting
    Apart from generating high-quality business leads, the company offers its customers to fill their calendars with valuable appointments.
  • Inbound Call Centers
    WorldWideCallCenters offers businesses to add an inbound call center extension to their team.
  • Outbound Call Centers
    The company also offers you to outsource the US or offshore call center to handle your outbound activities.
  • Interactive Solutions
    WorldWideCallCenters features a number of interactive solutions aimed at enhancing the quality of your customer support and outreach. This includes progressive technologies, such as voice response systems helping businesses handle large call volumes without additional personnel.
  • Healthcare Call Centers
    A separate service is developed specifically for businesses in the healthcare sector. The company helps them outsource a dedicated call center to handle a variety of day-to-day matters.
  • Social Customer Support
    One more channel through which WorldWideCallCenters helps businesses deliver customer support is social media.
  • Wireless Call Centers
    This service is created to serve the needs of businesses in the wireless & Internet service industries to help them do better.
  • Customer Service
    WorldWideCallCenters will help you find and hire customer service reps that will keep your clients happy.
  • Market Research
    The company will help you collect valuable insights into the market and customer needs.
  • Direct Response
    WorldWideCallCenters helps businesses outsource professional call center services that will help strengthen their direct response marketing.
  • Back Office Processing
    The company offers businesses its help with outsourcing the right agencies for cost-efficient BPO services.
  • Order Taking
    WorldWideCallCenters helps businesses take and manage their orders, saving the time of their in-house teams and facilitating the order process.
  • Data Cleansing & Validation
    The company offers its customers assistance with validating all sorts of data and cleansing their databases.
  • Transcription
    The company helps businesses ease the process of transcribing audio recordings by outsourcing this task to the US and offshore specialists.
  • Outbound Surveys
    With the help of this service, businesses can obtain crucial data about their customers and prospects.
  • Collections
    The company helps businesses outsource their inbound and outbound collection calls to real pros.
  • Live Chat
    WorldWideCallCenters helps you deliver outstanding customer support around-the-clock via live chat.
  • Fundraising
    The company helps find outsourced non-profit call centers that will streamline your fundraising processes.
  • Cause Marketing
    The company helps businesses identify their needs, define suitable cause-related marketing strategies, and implement them.
  • Virtual Assistants
    Finally, the last service offered by WorldWideCallCenters is a sales assistant service designed to help businesses scale their efficiency.

WorldWideCallCenters Pricing

If you are looking for the details on WorldWideCallCenters pricing, you will not find much information on the company’s website. There is no page that would define the WorldWideCallCenters pricing policy, so the only way to calculate the price of their services is to reach out to them.

WorldWideCallCenters Review

There is not a single WorldWideCallCenters review on the website. However, if you look up this company on the web, you will be able to find some testimonials. For example, the WorldWideCallCenters review is available on Clutch. The rating is high, though there are only a few reviews.

If you search more, you will find more positive reviews, as well as some negative ones.

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