Yodel Technologies or Yodel the Voice was founded in 2015. The company’s core mission is to help businesses reach their short- and long-term B2B sales lead generation goals through enhancing the interaction between a company and its customers.

The company offers a variety of services including B2B lead generation service, data services, inbound customer experience, and others across multiple business sectors, such as:

  • EDU
  • Auto
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Survey/Market Research

Apart from delivering sales and B2B email marketing, Yodel Technologies is also engaged in providing up-to-date AI-powered software solutions. The company offers software that enables smooth and effective conversations with prospects and customers.

The company claims to have a global presence. Basically, their solutions can be used by anyone from any part of the globe, so it supports offshore cooperation.

The Voice Yodel seemingly has a pretty solid reputation. However, unlike many of its competitors, the company does not share any information about its key customers, so it is impossible to learn whether Yodel Technologies delivered services to any big organizations or not.

Yodel Technologies Services

  • Human Powered A.I.
    The core solution offered by Yodel Technologies is the Human Powered AI created to deliver quick and efficient responses to prospects and customers, without engaging your businesses’ own human resources. This feature strives to enhance interactions and boost the levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Proprietary Sound Board Interface
    Another solution the company offers is a unique proprietary Soundboard technology designed to ensure a seamless conversation and one on one interaction between your clients and Yodel’s Human Powered AI Agents. This technology's key distinctive feature is that it leverages Human Understanding to make agents’ responses as accurate and effective as possible.
  • Live Agent
    Apart from providing businesses with AI agents, Yodel Technologies also allows you to engage live human agents to handle your customer interactions as well.
  • Data Services
    Yodel Technologies has a dedicated Data Services team that can help you get your hands on the right and most valid data about your prospects to generate qualified business leads with ease.
  • Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition
    Finally, the company offers businesses its help to leverage the obtained data to generate lots of qualified B2B leads.

Yodel Technologies Pricing

According to the company’s page on Clutch, the minimum sum of a project size is $5,000. That’s pretty much everything a new user can find out about the Yodel Technologies pricing on the web.

The company doesn’t share any details concerning their rates. The website simply explains the offered features and solutions, highlights the benefits of working with this company, and encourages you to contact them to clarify further details. Although it is a common thing, it can be rather inconvenient for newly-come clients. They are seeking certain services, come across this website, but can’t find any hints regarding the Yodel Technologies pricing policy.

Yodel Technologies Review

Yodel Technologies has a company's page on Clutch. Here, the company has a 4.8-star rating. The rating is calculated based on only six reviews, three of which are highly positive, whereas another three are less enthusiastic about the quality of the company’s work. Such an equal share of satisfied and more neutral reviews looks rather artificial. Thus, it is easy to get a feeling that this is not a real Yodel Technologies review.

The company doesn’t have a single other Yodel Technologies review on the website rather than those six available on Clutch. While trying to find at least one more Yodel Technologies review on independent platforms, we came across a few highly dissatisfied testimonials, as well as some negative reviews left by the company’s former employees.

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