Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Review

If you need to choose a company among b2b lead generation services, it is essential to know about Ziff Davis Performance Marketing. With the help of ZDPM, you can attract potential customers and make your business more successful. 

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing has been around since 2004 and was founded in Austin, Texas. This company is part of the Ziff Davis group of companies, previously known as the J2 Global Company. As a global market leader, Ziff Davis Performance Marketing operates in different countries, and among its clients are representatives of Canada, America, India, the Philippines, and many European countries.


About Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Company

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing specializes in B2B Tech Performance Marketing. ZDPM is a modern and high-quality representative of sales tools providers. They use a wide range of modern technologies and pay attention to the security of your data. Thus, the company increases its customers' productivity, and the quality of its service is relatively high. 

During its work, the company is constantly improving, using modern technologies and proprietary software. It is how they achieved almost 100% O2C compliance, spanning the entire campaign lifecycle from campaign launch to closing lead delivery deals. Find out how to drive Growth with Ziff Davis B2B in the video below:

Drive Growth With Ziff Davis B2B

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing services: main facts

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing offers several services for finding potential clients, accelerating workflows, and much more. Let's take a closer look at the main elements of the company’s proposition.

1) Enrich

Marketers often face issues regarding the integrity of customer data. But this Ziff Davis Performance Marketing service can help with this issue.

ZDPM is engaged in the creation of holistic customer profiles, collecting your best offers and opportunities there. By collecting the best marketing data, ZD Performance Marketing multiplies value for companies, which makes them stand out from others and, in turn, makes them more competitive. It will help build their customer loyalty and increase ROI.

2) Connect

The main goal of the ZDPM Connect service is to enhance customer interaction and the scalability of a client’s business. During its existence, Ziff Davis Performance Marketing company has gained experience and developed relationships with customers so that more and more deals would be closed. 

A team of professionals from ZDPM uses various methods and approaches to reveal customer opportunities for getting the best result. This way, clients’ sales teams will always work effectively and increase the number of booked appointments.

3) Generate

If you want the best outcome across the entire sales funnel, take advantage of lead generation service. Ziff Davis Performance Marketing team takes responsibility for acquiring all types of leads and driving them down the whole sales process. To deliver high-quality leads, ZDPM uses a wide range of resources like telemarketing, cold emails, and digital channels.

4) Profile 

For their key customers, the company offers account-based marketing and strategic account management. Briefly speaking, the ZD Performance Marketing team becomes in charge of the whole communication process with a client’s prospects. The company provides all the necessary data on each strategically valuable account with the help of White Space Analysis, Org Chart & Tech Install base.

5) Converge

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing perfectly knows the companies in the market, and ABM's comprehensive strategies allow them to focus on potential customers, responding quickly to offers from companies looking for new solutions. With ZDPM, you can properly prioritize and target the right companies that might require your services. So, your marketing campaigns will become way more effective with this Ziff Davis Performance Marketing service.

ZDPM Core Values

Who is Ziff Davis Performance Marketing suitable for?

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing services are in high demand among technology companies. Global technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, etc., collaborate with ZDPM as their lead generation partner. 

Therefore, if you are engaged in a technological B2B business, ZDPM will be an excellent solution for you.

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Pricing

Unfortunately, the average user will not be able to recognize the Ziff Davis Performance Marketing cost because this information is not available on their website. Instead, the company offers to contact them via support. Probably, there you will find out more about their pricing and billing, including the popular question, “Is there a Ziff Davis Performance Marketing lifetime deal for the most loyal customers?”

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Features

As mentioned above, many global companies trust Ziff Davis Performance Marketing. And their services have been in demand among various B2B companies for more than 16 years. The reason for this is based on four primary features of ZDPM services:

  • reliability;
  • uniqueness;
  • freshness;
  • experience.

Top Executive

Nilay Mehta

Main services
  • Sales Research
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Workflow Platform
  • Outbound Services
  • Email Deliverability
  • Advertising (Air Cover)
  • Inbound Services
  • Campaign Strategy
Customers Served
Free trial

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Details & Contacts

To connect with marketing specialists of ZDPM, you may need this information:

Year founded: 2004

Company address:

1. USA - 7801 N Capital of Texas Hwy # 300, Austin TX 78731

2. India - Upper Ground Floor, Block B, Weikfield IT Citi Info Park, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014, Maharashtra

  1. Company website: https://zdperformancemarketing.com/
  2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/_ZDPM
  3. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zdperformance-marketing
  4. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zdperformancemarketing
  5. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-z-GBO6SFXEYBsHMc6LVMg

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Support

You can fill out a special Contact Us form to ask for help from Ziff Davis Performance Marketing. In addition, you can contact the support team by phone number +91 20 41499300. Depending on your issue, feel free to use any of these contact email addresses:

  • Careers: careers@zdperformancemarketing.com
  • Privacy: privacy@zdperformancemarketing.com
  • Sales: sales@zdperformancemarketing.com
  • Partners: partners@zdperformancemarketing.com

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Pros and Cons 

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing’s sales team is competitive and delights its customers with quality services. But, sure thing, nothing is perfect. Let's take a closer look at the ZDPM pros and cons.



  • Ziff Davis Performance Marketing API stands out with user-friendly service and positive work ethics.
  • ZDPM offers high-quality services to increase your sales.
  • It has built a great company culture and clearly defined core values.
  • They constantly expand their B2B sales leads database.
  • Most likely, Ziff Davis Performance Marketing prices are relatively high, like other Ziff Davis company's costs.
  • There is no workflow platform in ZDPM.
  • There are very few Ziff Davis Performance Marketing reviews from customers.

Affiliate program from Ziff Davis Performance Marketing

There is no information about the Ziff Davis Performance Marketing affiliate program. However, regarding this question, you can contact ZDPM at partners@zdperformancemarketing.com

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Review: Conclusions

ZDPM is a reasonably large company that provides the best customer opportunities and high-volume quality sales service to clients worldwide. They help companies grow, generate leads, book appointments, and close deals. Being in partnership with many global companies, ZDPM can confidently be called the most popular among remarkable decision-makers in the business world.

But, unfortunately, to learn more about the company and its work, you have to spend too much time and effort. Some of the Ziff Davis Performance Marketing reviews are rather unflattering, which can be proved by relatively low grades on some ratings. There is also no information about any Ziff Davis Performance Marketing integrations.


  • What are Ziff Davis Performance Marketing’s primary industries?

Advertising & Marketing and Business Services are ZDPM’s leading industries. 

  • What are some additional names or Ziff Davis Performance Marketing alternative spellings?

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing appears in search results as Ziff Davis Performance Marketing, Ziff Davis, LLC, ZDPM, and Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Private Limited.

  • How many employees does Ziff Davis Performance Marketing have?

About 1,000 employees are working in Ziff Davis Performance Marketing.

  • What is Ziff Davis Performance Marketing's NAICS code?

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing's NAICS code is 541810.

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