Ziff Davis Performance Marketing

Incorporated in 2006, Ziff Davis started its path as an independent lead and demand generation partner. For many years, the company has been serving the needs of B2B businesses in a variety of fields.

After almost 10 years of operation, Ziff Davis Performance Marketing started to expand. In 2015, ZDPM first acquired another lead gen company Salesify. And, later, in 2018, it also acquired one more company - Demandshore.

The three companies merged into the J2 Global group. Collectively, Ziff Davis, Demandshore, and Salesify have more than 15 years of experience. Today, Ziff Davis Performance Marketing calls itself a leading service vendor in the B2B Tech Performance Marketing sector.

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Services

  • Enrich
    Ziff Davis Performance Marketing caters the right sales and marketing specialists to its B2B prospecting clients to help them define their target buyer personas and shape an extensive database full of valuable customer data.
  • Connect
    Ziff Davis Performance Marketing rids its clients of the need to book appointments. The specialists from ZDPM take care of appointment setting and help businesses connect with their target decision-makers.
  • Generate
    Ziff Davis Performance Marketing makes B2B lead generation simple. The company helps businesses define their prospects and reach out to them.
  • Profile
    Ziff Davis Performance Marketing is also engaged in providing B2B companies with Account-Based Marketing and Strategic Account Management, helping to expand its clients’ marketing and sales opportunities.
  • Converge
    One more way how Ziff Davis Performance Marketing can help B2B businesses attain their short- and long-term goals is helping them identify target accounts, prioritize and expand them, build effective target account lists, and enhance marketing strategy.

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Pricing

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing pricing remains unrevealed. On the website, there is no information about how the final cost for services is calculated. Thus, basically, the only way to learn more is to talk to one of the company’s representatives and receive a consultation.

Yet, there is one thing we can assume about Ziff Davis Performance Marketing pricing at this point. Apparently, their rates can get pretty pricey. According to customer reviews about both Demandshore and Salesify, most clients found the cost to be rather high. Knowing this, we can assume that the pricing of ZDPM is expensive as well.

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing Review

ZDPM is quite a large company. According to the company itself, it has vast experience and has already served many clients. However, despite this, there are only two testimonials available on their website.

If you try to look up a Ziff Davis Performance Marketing review on the web, you also won’t find much information. This can feel rather confusing, especially for prospects who want to learn more about ZDPM before deciding to use the company’s services.

However, although you will likely not find a comprehensive Ziff Davis Performance Marketing review, you can find some testimonials about the work of two companies integrated into Ziff Davis Performance Marketing. Although there are not too many reviews about Salesify and Demandshore on the Internet, it is possible to find some and there are both positive and negative ones.

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