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LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

Scale your leads on LinkedIn & predictably drive more revenue, 100% done-for-you.

Cleverly uses data from thousands of outbound B2B campaigns to send proven, personalized messages to your dream clients on LinkedIn — getting positive responses straight to your inbox.

Scale your business by getting new prospects on LinkedIn. Produce more income using the latest technological solutions offered by Cleverly. The tool utilizes data from millions of sources to create impeccable B2B campaigns. Feel free to apply the advice provided by the platform to tailor your messages to your future clients’ needs.  

LinkedIn recruiting

Cleverly produces proven text and delivers targeted messages to your preferred applicants on LinkedIn. This means that they will receive relevant information at the right time, when they are looking for a new job. No more need for the pricey LinkedIn InMails — utilize the power of Cleverly to get the top talents. 

White-Labeling Cleverly

Cleverly writes proven outreach copy and sends thousands of personalized messages to your prospects on LinkedIn, getting positive replies in your client's inbox.

Create effective outreach text and send customized LinkedIn messages to your prospects. Don’t worry about the algorithms — the tool takes them into account and imitates human behavior. There’s no risk of getting banned since all the restrictions have been considered.

Cleverly Lead Acquisition Course

Find out how to establish meaningful relationships with your prospecting clients using LinkedIn. Cleverly has launched a course to teach you how to sell effectively without being too salesy and how to interact with your prospects in the most effective manner. 

Company Pricing

Although the company does not offer a free subscription plan, it allows you to book a free meeting with its professionals to find out what plan will work best for you. Here are the options. 

Speaking about elite agent services, the Silver package, which costs $297 per month, is the basic plan that will bring you 250 prospects on a monthly basis. With the Gold package that costs $397, you will acquire 500 prospects per month. Finally, the Platinum package will bring you 1000 prospects per month, and you’ll have to pay $597/mo for it.  

As for LinkedIn recruiting, you will get 250 candidates per month using the Emerald package for $297/mo. 500 candidates per month will cost you $397 (Ruby package). You can also get 1000 candidates in a single month for $597/mo (Diamond package). 

As the pricing for white-labeling goes, you can get 400 prospects per month for $397/mo (Gold package) and 600 prospects per month for $497 (Platinum package).

Cleverly Course costs $199.

Company Review

Having a 3.2-rating on Clutch, the company seems to fail to showcase its striking features to the general audience. Although the agency applies state-of-the-art technology and offers sound solutions, its B2B lead generation agency clients often leave negative reviews associated with drawbacks in targeting potential customers and low response rates.

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