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LeadIQ Prospector

The Prospector feature is really fast and efficient, allowing you to find the contact of a potential customer on LinkedIn or another platform. It is also very easy to download the data or save it to one of your sales tools in just one click.

Capture While Browsing Data

The platform’s Chrome Extension will skyrocket your lead generation. The thing is, it mirrors your database that you’ve been searching for on LinkedIn. You will be able to push the contacts to your sales tools very quickly.

Apply Contact Data

The contacts acquired via LeadIQ are of high quality. Usually, verified emails created on the platform have a 90%+ success rate. What's even more important, the agency puts in time and effort to enhance the database on a regular basis. 

Collaborate & Close More Deals

Review various team plans to streamline collaboration and increase productivity. The tool makes it possible to see who is currently reaching good results. Raising team spirit and encouraging healthy competition will foster your work and bring better outcomes than individual efforts. 

Build Forward-Looking Strategies

The tool suggests a lot of valuable pieces of advice that will help you build solid relationships with your audience and nurture existing customers. Also, using LeadIQ will help you to significantly enhance the overall speed of your team. Encourage your team members to work with passion and achieve their sales goals faster by applying useful tips.

Company Pricing

LeadIQ pricing includes three major options fulfilling different needs of various groups of customers. You can get a Starter package for $75 per user per month if you’re at the beginning of your business journey and your team size does not exceed 3 users. Alternatively, the Pro package covers 7 users for $10,080 (billed annually). There’s also an Enterprise package that can be used by 20 established SDRs. The pricing for this option is not revealed and should be discussed individually with the support team.

Company Review

Having a 4-star rating on G2, LeadIQ makes prospecting simple and available to all kinds of users who consider this agency rather efficient. In general, people are satisfied with its services and admit that the company brought them incredible leads.

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