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It is a safe and powerful LinkedIn automation software and CRM. Indeed, Linked Helper 2 performs numerous useful functions. This web browser will help you streamline your LinkedIn operations so that there’s no need for manual work. It replicates human activities without injecting any code into LinkedIn pages or API calls, so it won’t get you into trouble.

The tool’s main features are as follows:

Seamless Automation 

  • connection requests;
  • profile visiting;
  • DMs to 1st connections; 
  • DMs to group members;
  • InMails;
  • proactive following of the profile;
  • data scraping;
  • invitations to LinkedIn Events / company page / LinkedIn groups (for 1st level connections)
  • gathering contacts from Sales Navigator, Recruiter search pages, LinkedIn, group member lists, alumni pages, post likers or commentators, etc.
  • withdrawing / canceling old invitations.

Smooth Integration 

  • The tool can be easily integrated with various essential systems via Zapier or WebHooks. It also allows for an error-free CRM integration so that its clients can enjoy all the benefits of a built-in CRM.

Campaign Support

  • Use reply detections to underpin your drip campaigns.

Company Pricing

Starting Price: $15 per month

Free Trial: available.

Company Review

Price and easy application make Linked Helper 2 a great tool that is loved by its users. According to G2, it has a 4-star rating, which means that in general, people find it helpful. Numerous customers claim that they need as little as 10 minutes to start working. Other clients say that the features, such as CRM integration, help them to spend less time on looking for contact information and focus on creating personalized messages. Clients are also very happy with the data scraping feature allowing them to import information into a spreadsheet or a file on their computer. Moreover, they are able to channel that data to other websites with the assistance of Linked Helper 2.

As for the negative reviews, people complain that the tool connects data to individual personal drives instead of keeping it in the browser cookies, which causes a few complications when operating in distinct windows. 

The application's update procedure also makes certain customers angry. For instance, the application is constantly downloading updates. Once the download is complete, the user is obliged to restart the solution in order to take advantage of the update and relaunch any campaigns that are still active. It could be useful to 1) set up the solution to automatically download updates on a user-defined schedule and 2) provide clearer update summaries to inform users of new features and services. Aside from that, the users of LinkedIn Helper 2 don’t have anything negative to say.

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