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Being the most trending professional social media platform, LinkedIn offers plenty of opportunities for professionals and companies. It gives the chance to connect and discover new career or partnership prospects. Also, it allows businesses to find lots of qualified leads in a single place. But, in order to get all these benefits, users need to develop a large network of contacts on their LinkedIn profile, which can be pretty time-consuming.

That’s where LinkedIn automation tools like Meet Alfred come in handy! In this article, you will find a thorough Meet Alfred review from the best B2B lead generation service provider, Belkins. Read on to learn more about this tool and ways to make the most of it.


About Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is a reliable automation tool that can be used with LinkedIn, as well as email and Twitter.

It gives you a broad range of tools and features that will help you generate real and authentic interactions, expand your network of contacts, receive lots of connection requests, and, respectively, acquire more leads with fewer efforts.

Thanks to its broad functionality, Meet Alfred is one of the most universal sales tools out there. It helps companies and individual users achieve a wide range of goals, such as boosting engagements, connecting with more people, and growing your leads list.

Best part? Meet Alfred can be used by literally anyone. First of all, of course, businesses can use it to find more leads and generate lots of organic engagements. But, individual users can benefit from it too. For example, if you are a job seeker, you can leverage Meet Alfred’s automation services to reach more employers and expand your career opportunities. Find out more in the video overview:

Meet Alfred Video Overview

Meet Alfred Company Details

Unfortunately to potential customers interested in using Meet Alfred services, there is not much information about the company publicly available on the web. The Meet Alfred company has been around since 2017. It is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and there is no information about other offices (if any).

Below is a quick overview of other Meet Alfred company details that will help you learn more about this service provider.

Company address: Level 24, Three International Towers, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, 2000, Sydney, Australia

Year Founded: 2017

Meet Alfred Pricing

Meet Alfred pricing

On the company’s site, you can find a dedicated Meet Alfred pricing page that provides a detailed and transparent overview of the available plans and rates.

The Meet Alfred cost depends on the chosen subscription plan and the billing option. In terms of pricing plans, there are three options to choose from:

  1. Personal - $29
  2. Business - $59
  3. Enterprise - $299

Each of them includes a different scope of features and opportunities available to the client. And also, there is an additional rate for adding more users to your Meet Alfred account.

As for the billing options, you can choose to pay monthly or annually. The rates specified above are paid per month. However, if you pick annual billing, you will save 33%. And there is a 14-day trial for every plan.

Meet Alfred Review: Features

Top Executive

Alfred Meet

Main services
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Sequences
  • Hyper Personalized LinkedIn Messaging
  • LinkedIn Scraper & CRM Sync
  • LinkedIn Social Media Post Scheduler
  • InMail Campaign Automation
  • Reply Detection & LinkedIn InMail Safety Limits
  • LinkedIn Account Management and Team Collaboration
  • LinkedIn Analytics and Performance Tracking
Customers Served
Free trial

Meet Alfred Support

The Meet Alfred support is somewhat weaker compared to the company’s competitors, which can sound like a significant drawback to many users.

On the one hand, there is a pretty extensive Alfred Help Center where you can browse lots of helpful articles, guides, and tips that will help you use the tool and its features to the fullest. Apart from this, there is also an online chat feature that lets you connect with the company’s customer support team and ask your questions during work hours.

On the other hand, there is no direct phone line to request prompt support. But there is an email address -

Meet Alfred Pros and Cons

If you are still unsure whether Meet Alfred is a good fit for you, let’s look at some of its main pros and cons.



  • Meet Alfred is an excellent tool for scalable automation.
  • There is an extensive, 14-day trial period that can be used to test all the features available at Meet Alfred before purchasing a subscription.
  • Compared to many similar tools, Meet Alfred doesn’t put you at risk of being banned by LinkedIn.
  • There are several handy Meet Alfred integrations, including Hyperise for more functionality and a better experience.
  • There are lots of positive Meet Alfred reviews.
  • The information about the company is pretty hard to find on the web.
  • Customer support is not very convenient because there is no direct phone line.
  • The support team is only available during work hours.
  • It might be somewhat more costly compared to other similar tools, especially if you pay monthly.
  • There is no Meet Alfred lifetime deal offered for saving more money.

Affiliate Program From Meet Alfred

Although there is no information about this on the company’s website, there is the Meet Alfred affiliate program. To read more about its terms and join, you should go to a separate site (

In general terms, the affiliate program enables all users to become affiliates of the Meet Alfred service, refer the tool to other users and businesses, and receive 30% in commissions for all Meet Alfred sales made by their referrals.

Meet Alfred Conclusions

LinkedIn automation can bring you plenty of benefits, whether you are an individual user or represent a company. Therefore, having a tool like Meet Alfred at hand will never hurt. But is Meet Alfred, in particular, good for you?

Meet Alfred - #1 LinkedIn Automation Software

At the end of our Meet Alfred review, we have to say that this tool does have a number of drawbacks. Probably, you could find a Meet Alfred alternative that would be cheaper or offer better customer care. But, what’s most important, Meet Alfred doesn’t go against LinkedIn’s terms, which are pretty strict in terms of automation. Therefore, it is still a good tool to try if you want safe and stable automation.


  • What Does Meet Alfred Do?

Meet Alfred is all about automation. The tool allows growth companies and individual users to put their activities on LinkedIn on autopilot and, thus, get more requests, views, and other engagements. Most importantly, the tool allows you to expand your network with almost no effort, which can be helpful for building your B2B sales leads database.

  • Do You Need a Sales Navigator for Meet Alfred?

No. Meet Alfred indeed can be used with LinkedIn Basic, Premium, and Sales Navigator too. But, although using a Sales Navigator together with Meet Alfred can enhance the outcomes and help you receive more benefits, using these two apps together isn’t mandatory.

  • Is Meet Alfred Cloud-Based?

Yes. Meet Alfred is a fully cloud-based software. That is, all your activity and data acquired from this tool will be stored in the cloud. Depending on every user’s personal needs and expectations, it could sound like a drawback. But, Meet Alfred still offers top-quality performance.

  • How Do I Set Up Meet Alfred?

If you decide to test Meet Alfred, getting started is easy and only takes a few moments. First, you need to register with Meet Alfred. Find a large Start 14-Day Free Trial button in the upper right corner of the company’s site and fill out a short registration form to create an account. Once done, go straight to your inbox and confirm your email address through a received link. After this, you can start using Meet Alfred right away.

  • How Do I Use Alfred on LinkedIn?

The Meet Alfred API allows seamless integration with LinkedIn. To get started, you only need to take four steps:

  1. Authenticate Meet Alfred with your LinkedIn account;
  2. Choose one of the applications as a trigger that will kick off your automation;
  3. Pick the required resulting action from the other app;
  4. Select what data you want to share between the apps.

That’s it, the entire integration process takes just a few minutes, and you are ready to start your campaigns.

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