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Different Types of Touches or Engagements 

  • profile visits;
  • connection requests;
  • follow-up messages once the requests have been accepted;
  • email sequences;
  • InMails;
  • greetings (birthdays, new jobs, etc.)

Fast Prospect Identification

Use built-in search, quick imports, and integration with diverse programs to find your ideal customers. The tool will also help you detect them in various LinkedIn groups to maximize your pipeline expansion.

Multiple Campaign Sequences

Use profile views, connection requests, InMails, messages, endorsements, emails, and direct messages in Twitter to engage your leads. Make each move look natural and real by tailoring your cadences to the way your prospects respond.

Efficient Optimization

Alfred's campaign performance insights will allow you to fine-tune your efforts for better outcomes. Make every team member a winner with this tool, and you'll be able to generate higher income together.

Steady LinkedIn Growth

Meet Alfred has a lot to offer in terms of LinkedIn growth. Unlike bots that put your account at risk of being suspended or banned, this tool offers the latest lead generation solutions that are perfectly compatible with LinkedIn policies. It is not a third-party organization that sends bulk messages, but a tool summoned to help you endorse your relationships with prospects.  

Company Pricing

If you choose the Personal Plan, you will be charged $39 per month when billed quarterly or $59 when billed monthly. The company’s Business Plan costs $70 per user and is billed quarterly. However, you will be billed $119 if you want to pay on a monthly basis.  

Company Review

We couldn’t find many negative reviews, the only thing is, there isn’t much feedback on MeetAlfred on the Web yet. The 4.5 rating on Trustpilot suggests that MeetAlfred tends to acquire positive reviews. Some users compare it with the previous version, Meet Leonard. Customers say that although the latter was good at starting meaningful conversations with prospects, it wasn’t as effective as Alfred that’s worth every penny. Why so? Their customer support is very quick and helpful, they add new features on a regular basis, the issues get fixed asap. All of this makes Alfred better than Leonard for LinkedIn. 

People claim that Alfred helped them make the most out of LinkedIn automation and CRM integration. They closed numerous deals after running incredible campaigns and analyzing their customers’ feedback. Moreover, there are no reviews saying that someone got banned after using MeetAlfred. This means that the tool is truly compatible with the latest LinkedIn policies. Additionally, clients are happy with the interface and claim that it’s user-friendly. 

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