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Here’s a list of services offered by ProspectIn. 

Marketing Scenarios to Create Drip Campaigns

This feature allows you to create a number of scenarios for your prospects. They will follow one of them while journeying through the funnel. It is possible to select different activities, such as connect/visit/follow/message, to match your prospects’ needs. You can also choose a delay between actions and a message status (viewed or not) etc.

Personalized Bulk Connect

It is possible to create bulk connect invitations and send them as part of various campaigns. Feel free to utilize the [firstname] and [lastname] variables to make your emails personalized. Save these templates for later use. 

Data Scraping

You can enable the tool to automatically visit your prospects’ profiles and withdraw the necessary data that you’ll use in the future when you decide to reach out. Such information will help you tailor your messages to their needs; moreover, they won’t disturb LinkedIn bot since the tool works in sync with the new algorithms. 

Auto-Follow Profiles

Not only will the tool fetch the data for you, but it will also follow profiles automatically. Your leads will see the connection request and will be likely to follow you back — let them promote your profile.

Here are the most remarkable functions you can apply to get amazing results from ProspectIn.

Efficient Campaign Creation

The tool will help you categorize various types of business leads and make your targeting more precise as a result. Such an approach will enhance your campaigns and help you reach your sales goals more quickly. 

Seamless Synchronization

Enjoy the benefits of flawless synchronization with popular platforms. The tool allows for the full integration with LinkedIn accounts, as well as with Recruiter Lite and Sales Navigator. 

LinkedIn CRM Integration

It won’t be a problem for ProspectIn to synchronize with your CRM system. You will be able to browse a history of conversations with your b2b sales leads and fill in new data. If necessary, you can also download a CSV file with the crucial information.

Ultimate Safety 

ProspectIn will not only carefully protect your data but also imitate human behavior to make friends with bots. All of the restrictions will be taken into account while sending connection requests and bulk messages. 

Company Pricing

You can start with a LinkedIn free trial and proceed with a more advanced plan, such as Pro for €12.99/mo or Advanced (Avancée) for €24.99/mo. There’s also the Enterprise package for €99.99/mo.

Company Review

The company was founded quite recently (in 2020) and hasn’t acquired any reviews yet.

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