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Contact List Growth

Grow your database and develop your company in a sustainable manner with Prospect. Investigate a list of functions it performs to find out how to scale your business quickly. 

Robust Automation

To contact your prospects (no matter where they are), use a combination of personalized messages, follow-up calls, and various social media to create a full-fledged multichannel campaign.

Productivity Boost

The tool will produce a list of activities you should perform to accomplish your daily goals, which will ensure that your monthly targets will be fulfilled, too. You will find a checklist with essential steps to make every day count.

Profound Analysis

To get the most out of your sales efforts, you should analyze campaign success. The tool allows for tracking your SDRs’ objectives and performance.

Smooth Integration

You will see how easily this tool integrates with your CRM (it’s perfectly compatible with lots of client management systems). You will also be able to synchronize with the tools you are already using. The 2-way sync integrations will take the burden off your shoulders and allow you to focus on personalization, while the tool will do all possible tasks that can be automated. For instance, your SDRs will be able to easily import a vast number of contacts into drip campaigns. Such an approach is likely to streamline your conversions. 

Handy Chrome Plug-In 

The Chrome plug-in will make your search for emails so much easier. This feature will not only assist you with finding relevant contact data, but will also teach you to use email tracking and send great follow-ups wisely. 

Company Pricing

You won't find a free option when it comes to Prospect’s services. However, the prices for the company's packages are not that high. For instance, the Essential package costs $89 per month (and $29/mo when billed annually). The business package costs $149 per month (and $39/mo when billed annually). As you can see, the yearly subscription will bring you a much more tangible value for money than the monthly one. 

Company Review

The 4.5 rating on G2 means that, in general, customers are satisfied with the company's services. Numerous clients claim that they especially like powerful automation solutions and lead generation options. There are a few negative reviews associated with minor disadvantages, such as a frustrating email sourcing procedure.

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