Effective Sales Engagement Companies: How to Choose the Right One?

B2B companies are in constant need of B2B leads to keep their business going. This isn’t easy due to high competition and difficulties associated with identifying quality prospects among thousands of contacts. 

Businesses that aim to grow despite any circumstances choose to delegate lead generation to trustworthy partners. For example, Belkins has become the “best friend” of numerous companies and can boast about the following results:

  • 8,331,490 prospects we’ve found for our customers
  • 13,294,600 emails delivered to our customers’ inboxes
  • 51,330 appointments we scheduled 
  • 438 (— and counting!) satisfied clients 

At the moment, Belkins is one of the ten most powerful lead generation companies on Clutch, and the second-best agency delivering outstanding services in the U.S. Its most prominent features include appointment setting, finding high-quality leads, ensuring remarkable LinkedIn marketing, and improving email deliverability. 

State-of-the-art technologies help Belkins facilitate all processes and bring fantastic results to its clients. The company also does its best to deliver useful content to help its customers grow. 

If you are looking for ways to streamline sales outreach activities, we encourage you to explore the list of sales engagement platforms we’ve prepared for you. But we believe it may not be enough for you... Do you want quick results?

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Why Sales Engagement Platforms Are Gaining Popularity 

In today’s global environment, a quick and efficient approach is a synonym for success. An increasing number of companies prefer the benefits of engaging their audience online rather than meeting clients in person, as in the case with outside sales

Indeed, the offline world of outside sales has given way to online communication due to the global pandemic and the overall need for urgency in getting business leads

The above-mentioned reasons have created a high demand for sales engagement platforms nowadays. But what is sales engagement, after all? 

Sales engagement means involving clients in interactions via phone, email, chat, etc. throughout the sales cycle.

These activities are summoned to boost conversions and revenue with the help of making customers interested in the offer more than if they didn’t receive any relevant content. 

Sales engagement software will significantly help your SDRs maintain and enhance the quality of such interactions across every possible communication channel. It will also provide detailed analytical reports to assist them with enhancing their outreach strategies. 

So what is a sales engagement platform that applies the latest technology? Let’s find out! 

What Is a Sales Engagement Platform, exactly?

An increasing number of lead generation companies are using special platforms to streamline their sales, enjoying the convenience of a single interface allowing for easy planning and execution of interactions. 

Such platforms are easily integrated into the most popular CRM types, serving as impact enhancers. They operate like the ones where you can buy b2b leads but have other functions.

Sales engagement platforms allow for seamless data synchronization and getting profound analytics. Additionally, they provide automation of numerous processes, saving time for your SDRs who can focus more on creating personalized messages. 

These features make such an advanced solution a breakthrough sales technology working in tandem with the existing CRM. Your SDRs can greatly benefit from them, adding value to each step of the buyers’ journey. 

A sales engagement platform is progressive software integrated with the existing CRM to help a customer-centric team boost personalized communication and close more deals.

What Are the Functions of Sales Engagement Software?

Software enhancing the engagement in the B2B environment performs 3 main functions:

  1. Facilitating the engagement of your audience across multiple channels.
  2. Workflow automation and optimization.
  3. Gaining valuable analytical insights and managing marketing materials.

Therefore, this is a comprehensive solution that can assist SDRs with finding the most appropriate cadences, selecting the most relevant content, reaching out to the most convenient channels, and meeting every need of your customers to boost conversions.  

Top Sales Engagement Platforms to Choose From

We’ve selected top sales engagement platforms to help you get leads for your business asap, so don’t hesitate to boost your appointment setting and sales using state-of-the-art technology.


Feel free to make more contracts and boost your ROI with Workbooks since this platform will also help you generate increased demand for your products. It will skyrocket your B2B lead generation by enhancing numerous aspects of your business. For instance, you can apply this software to improve the efficiency of your sales team, track their activity and get comprehensive reports to suggest further improvements. 

Workbooks allows for fast workflow automation and optimization. You will not only get productivity reports but also receive profound analytical insights to make well-informed decisions regarding future campaigns and sales strategies. The platform will also make your data management more efficient and provide more precise targeting and segmentation. 

Additionally, Workbooks will help your SDRs transform the customer experience by ensuring seamless agent productivity. They will only need to enable case management across diverse communication channels and track activity history to personalize their messages and bring customer interactions to a new level. 


SalesHandy is a tool that will help a small or medium-sized business acquire excellent business leads in no time by empowering your sales. This software tracks the performance of different campaigns, helping marketers identify the most popular trends and the most sought-for services. 

The tool will analyze your users’ behavioral patterns and allow you to track all the emails to see the possible areas for improvement. You will be able to significantly enhance your approaches to marketing and make your strategies more effective via valuable analytical insights. 

Data management is also easier with SalesHandy since it has lots of useful functions, such as automating your follow-ups and sequences, merging customized messages, scheduling and sending emails, and keeping all the files in one place for you to access them anywhere. Don’t be afraid to share your files — SalesHandy will ensure the utmost security for your data. 


Reply is a robust lead generation tool that streamlines not only sales but also provides remarkable automation and business optimization solutions. It will give assistance to businesses of any type, without regard to their current budget, since it has numerous options to choose from. 

Reply is great at skyrocketing both inbound and outbound sales, as well as making the workflow more efficient. Using this tool, your SDRs can focus on making the messages more personalized, and your marketers can develop more precisely targeted campaigns. 

Such an approach can considerably improve your results and boost your revenue, so apply this tool to meet your business goals. For instance, it is possible not only to tailor messages to your audience’s needs but also to analyze their performance to make constant improvements. 

Furthermore, the finder will allow you to quickly search for contacts using your unique criteria, such as the person’s job title and even their work experience. It is also possible to blacklist the addresses that have been compromised. Additionally, SDRs can upload and categorize CSV files for more convenient operations. 


This platform is the best friend of businesses striving to enhance their staff management. Indeed, growing your business isn’t only about gaining B2B leads, but it’s also about hiring the best team and keeping them motivated so that they deliver the best results to your company. 

Blueboard is specific software aiming to supply your staff with rewards to highlight their accomplishments. Such an approach doesn’t bring overnight success, but it brings about long-term consequences. 

Those are timely recognition of the employee’s efforts, effective performance management, and other important functions that turn regular employees into renowned experts. 

Thus, encourage your team members to select and send a reward to other staff members to congratulate them. It is also possible to effectively deal with negative feedback via Blueboard, as well as calculate the budget and properly utilize the reward data.


CreamSoda is a powerful CRM tool designed to match the specific needs of sales teams to help them stay in touch with each other. Numerous SDRs prefer this solution as it increases their overall productivity and assists them with meeting their sales goals.  

With CreamSoda, it is easy to find out about the most lucrative prices in the industry, as well as track shipment, deals, and deadlines. It will also allow you to find awesome prospects via a handy search bar with multiple search criteria. 

This solution can be easily integrated with Google Workspace, Outlook, and other popular solutions. Feel free to select one of the five languages from the list to work conveniently from any device (Spanish, English, Dutch, French, or German). 

Should You Choose a Platform to Boost Your Sales?

Do your own research before making the final decision to make sure that you choose the right platform to match your business needs. Pay attention to whether the team is ready to provide you with an individual approach and a customized solution. 

For instance, at Belkins, we always take into account the specific character of our clients’ business to offer a solution that will bring them the best results. So find out whether the company of your choice will integrate with your existing processes and enhance them without trying to get away with a “one-size-fits-all” offer.