This top-notch sales accelerator is compatible with the world’s most popular software. Adapt also has a robust CRM integration, so you’ll never miss any essential clients’ data. Furthermore, the company has its own Chrome extension to keep its database fresh and make its platform as convenient as possible. 

The company's database is perfect for SDRs and marketing experts, as well as for recruiters and other decision-makers. It helps them to identify qualified business leads and connect with them faster by engaging in meaningful conversations. In other words, adapt allows not only for lead acquisition but also for effective lead nurturing to help teams achieve their targets quicker.

Company Services

Lead Builder

This tool will provide you with access to excellent contacts of people and businesses located in different countries. You can use 20 filters to find the most relevant leads and add them to your database. Feel free to indicate their revenue, department, job title, industry, number of employees, etc. 

Build your ICP

It is really easy to design an Ideal Customer Profile or several profiles using the data you’ve acquired through the above-mentioned filters. Select the most accurate data at Adapt to increase your conversion rate by more than 200%.

List Building

You can make a list for an outreach campaign in a few seconds using Adapt, that is well-known for its awesome tools facilitating your b2b email marketing campaigns. 

Export to CRM

Synchronize Adapt with your current CRM system and export your contact base there. It is possible to generate new leads using specific keywords and upload the data right away. 

It doesn't matter how complicated the changes in your business are, Adapt will help you to implement all the necessary improvements to bring it to a new level.

Company Pricing

The company's pricing policy is unknown; there is no information on their website, Therefore, you need to get a quote to find out about the details. 

Company Review

The company has 4.5 stars out of 5, which is a good result. People like Adapt’s features, such as a convenient sidebar, interface, and search. It is also great that the platform integrates with any kind of a CRM system, allowing to process the contacts more quickly and effectively. Furthermore, the company’s customer service is at a high level. The team is friendly and polite; they are always ready to share useful information to solve a client’s problem. As for the dislikes, the data you mine might be inaccurate, and some contacts turn out to be unavailable.

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