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Suggested Content

ClearSlide has a plethora of content types that will fit your needs. For instance, you can select from a wide range of slides, videos, presentations, email templates, and other valuable pieces. Feel free to customize the one you've selected to tailor it to your customer’s expectations. SDRs will be able to make their messages much more vivid by adding GIFs and infographics. Furthermore, ClearSlide will recommend content according to your industry, ideal customer profile, and analytics data. 

Content Monitoring

ClearSlide performs robust monitoring, allowing limited access to your content and making it possible to track the pieces you’ve shared. You can also launch automatic updates and see what content your recipients clicked on or downloaded. 

Wise Strategies

ClearSlide is eager to share its best practices and strategies to help you improve your sales. For instance, those can be ways to benefit from collaboration between content marketing and sales teams. 

Powerful Analytics

Apply profound insights from your analytics to find out what content resonates with your audience. You will see what kind of people are most likely to move down your sales funnel and what impediments keep them from doing so. 

Company Pricing

Three packages are available on the company’s website (Pro, Group, and Enterprise). Nevertheless, ClearSlide pricing is not revealed. It is possible to send a request for a free trial if you want to test the features mentioned above.

Company Review

The company has a comparatively low rating, which is 3.5 out of 5 on G2. It is true that certain customers don't like ClearSlide’s drawbacks. They include a long downloading time, some bugs in the suggested content, such as distorted slides, and the wrong format of the recommended content that doesn’t work properly. Furthermore, email notifications from ClearSlide make some users frustrated because they are sent every evening by default, and you have to go to settings to change it.

In spite of the challenges mentioned above, clients are usually satisfied with the company's services. They especially like simple sharing options and the ability to track your files. It is also great to be able to adjust presentations that have already been sent to a client.

Additionally, the recipients don't have to sign up for anything, The only thing they need to do is to click the link, and the document will open. As you can see, ClearSlide definitely has more advantages than disadvantages, and if the company's top management takes negative reviews into consideration, the company will have a better rating.

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