Company Services

DealHub operates from within a CRM across the entire sales cycle, enhancing every aspect of the buyer’s journey. 

DealStack Platform

The platform is an all-in-one solution that aims to facilitate your sales and make your working process as convenient as possible. 

Predictive Sales Playbooks

This intuitive solution will guide your SDRs through various customer engagement activities. It will also assist you with creating awesome content. 

Content Interactions

Apply this feature to interact with your prospects on a deeper level by offering them the content they value most. 

Contract Production and Management

You can generate any type of popular agreements using this feature, including MSA and NDA. It also allows you and your stakeholders to sign your contracts online with the help of an e-signature. 

Sales & Management Dashboards

The platform’s dashboards streamline the workflow of the entire team by offering useful features and a convenient intuitive interface. You can also see detailed online metrics and update your sales pipelines on a regular basis. 

Company Pricing

No data is available online to reveal the company’s pricing policy. Nevertheless, it is possible to request custom pricing if you have specific product needs.

Company Review

There are both good and bad reviews on DealHub on the Internet. The company’s total rating is 4.7, which is a very good result, especially compared to other ratings. Users generally like it that DealHub constantly improves its platform providing new features and fixing bugs. 

They like the support team that is always helpful and quickly answers the questions in real-time in a live chat. Furthermore, people love the high level of customization that the platform allows for SaaS products. Indeed, today's business is all about developing a personalized approach, so DealHub is a valuable investment.

At the same time, many people dislike the platform’s module for deal room and output document configuration. They find it somewhat complicated to comprehend and have difficulties with applying it in practice. They would also like the company to improve its testing features to create campaign drafts. 

Some users also come across issues associated with workflow optimization, finding it difficult to apply the company's suggestions to their specific cases. Nevertheless, it rarely happens; in general, the platform users are satisfied with payment approval workflows, quick contract generation, and other essential features that create a significant impact on their business.

They are especially fond of the real-time alerts popping up each time a new buyer is engaged. The platform also provides them with useful tips on how to help prospects move down the sales funnel. DealHub’s proponents also like the enterprise-grade CPQ that works with any kind of a sales channel, product configuration, ad deal type.

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Autoklose belongs to the world’s most dynamic companies that produce email outreach software with integrated client databases. Operating in the B2B sector, the company helps other businesses significantly reduce their onboarding and training costs. Moreover, new SDRs can spare time to focus on the essential tasks since the software provides them with automation and useful suggestions on how to improve their work. Close more deals faster with the company’s straightforward interface having incredible features. It is especially suitable for people who never launched email campaigns before. A great database allows for contacting thousands of your potential customers.

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