Many companies have solved the problem of sales prospecting by outsourcing B2B lead generation services. Yet the sales process still remains lengthy as buyer intent can be vague, internal processes are often siloed, and negotiations take time. That’s when the time comes for sales teams to appreciate a tool that bundles together most sales processes reps need to have at the tip of their fingers.

On the company’s website, DealHub refers to itself as a “revenue amplification platform,” which means that it’s the next generation of revenue operations tools that gives salespeople the 360-degree view of a customer and their intent in one place, empowering leaders to connect their teams and processes and streamlining workflows to close deals with full transparency. goes beyond the average B2B sales leads database. By subscribing to the platform, you virtually get the full tech stack that generates quotes and proposals, keeps all your buyer communication from discovery to renewals in one location, signs documents, and easily convert prospects into lucrative deals. Besides, DealHub integrates with most CRMs (Salesforce, Freshworks, Microsoft Dynamics), signature software, and marketing tools.



In 2016, seeing the digital revolution keep bringing on rapid changes, a couple of sales industry veterans recognized the need for a new generation of sales tools and founded

When you’re in B2B sales, there are a few things that can make the process easier and DealHub has all of them. With DealHub, you can quickly refresh product and pricing information so that you can get back to negotiating in no time. You'll also be able to easily add text from legal clauses and previous contract language, so that you don't have to waste time searching for what you need.

Silos are the enemy of efficiency. DealHub eliminates silos in your real estate process by streamlining internal processes, activating simultaneous, cross-departmental approval workflows, and maintaining a single source of truth throughout the redlining process.

DealHub allows you to stop revenue leakage from your subscription contracts by automating the process of renewing and managing your customer's subscriptions. Find out more in the video:


DealHub offers a complete solution for closing the deal. For the discovery stage, DealHub acts as a communications platform that connects relationships, deals, and communications across your enterprise.

When you need to come up with proposals, sales proposal software allows you to create and email customized proposals that not only save you time but also streamline the sales process.

For the quoting process, DealHub offers advanced sales playbooks that automatically generate accurate quotes. The software integrates with your CRM to create bi-directional data sync, and it enables you to set maximum discounting thresholds. Pricing provides customizable and affordable plans to meet the needs of businesses looking to grow. pricing is available only upon request. By applying the principles Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), DealHub generates quotes tailored to your business configurations. Features

DealHub offers a variety of features to help you boost your conversion rates. The platform has been designed for ease of use, so you can easily find what you need – CPQ, Subscriptions, CLM, DealRoom – without having to spend a lot of time learning how the site works. Services

  1. Buyer Engagement. Say goodbye to lengthy proposals, and hello to a streamlined experience that puts your clients first. DealHub offers the easiest-to-use CPQ on the market, which means you can spend more time engaging clients and less time writing proposals. With DealHub’s CPQ system, you can generate professional proposals and pricing quotes in as little as a few minutes—and we're talking about complex, customized projects here. DealHub even helps you track responses, so you know exactly what your clients are saying about YOU.
  2. eSign. eSign is an electronic signature platform that makes signing documents simple and easy. It's the perfect tool to make your buyer journey seamless, as well as close business quickly. DealHub offers a digital signature solution with DealSign, integrated with DocuSign, which enables you to easily sign legal documents and send them directly from your CRM.
  3. DealStream. When most B2B sales are conducted online, body language becomes more important than ever. Yet traditional forms of data fall short in helping salespeople interpret these subtle cues. Salespeople must learn to interpret their customers’ online body language if they want to close more sales. DealHub’s DealStream captures buyer intent signals that are invisible to the naked eye, which you can use to follow up after sending a sales proposal.
  4. Sales Proposals. DealHub provides one location for all sales conversations. DealRoom enables sales teams to create customized business proposals in one convenient digital room, delivering an intuitive experience, personalized content, and all the information customers need in every stage of the buying process.
  5. Document Generation. No more need to create a document from scratch when you get a new sales prospect. Automate the creation process with DealHub’s document generation tool that lets you quickly create customized branded documents in a few clicks. It's easy for sales reps and managers to generate personalized documents based on pre-built templates, dynamic content, and CRM-integrated data.

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The support team is committed to providing services in the best possible way and in a timely and professional manner. Whether you need help with your account, or you need help determining if is the right fit for you, one of their talented support representatives is ready to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a question about your account, please contact via email or chat and they'll do their best to help. Get support at or through an on-site webform. Their response time is generally less than 24 hours. Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a quick look at the benefits and limitations of the platform.



  • Zero friction. It used to be a hassle to renew contracts with clients. Now it’s so easy to upload a signed contract and that’s it. It’s incredibly convenient to have a CLM tool bundled with a CPQ and other sales tools. DealHub API is open to all CRMs.
  • Easy to sync. integrations work like a charm, for example, with Salesforce. DealHub automatically syncs all data and the signed contracts directly to Opportunties.
  • Easy to scale. You don’t need to hire new staff if you want to scale. Having all the deal-making and signing processes at your fingertips helps a lot with scaling up and business success.
  • Reduces administrative inefficiency. You have a view of customers throughout the deal stages. You just work within one deal-process flow and don’t have to juggle separate tools.
  • Saves time and budget. With all the tools to create and track documents and proposals, DealHub saves you a lot of time through this connected journey. It saves your budget too as you can be up and running without weeks.
  • Alerts. DealHub’s alerts system is a bit of a mixed bag.This feature isn’t as robust as some competitors’ offerings: there’s no way to set up specific alerts for certain stores or brands, which means you might miss out on great deals if they aren't coming from the right places.
  • Data Export. The excel files for uploading data can be a source of errors.
  • Support. support staff are more U.S.-based. It doesn’t work for non-English-speaking countries.
  • Email Support. Specifically, email support could sometimes be a little slow. However, you definitely need assistance from the Support team.
  • Price. Is costly to implement? You definitely pay top dollar for DealHub, but you get a no-code tool that helps your business to continuously adapt to the modern sales ecosystem. And alternatives are much less affordable. However, there’s no lifetime deal.

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If you are a business owner or manager, give a try to a affiliate program.

You can become a DealHub partner and gain from the platform’s deep domain expertise, strong industry backgrounds, and rich insights. With by your side, it’ll be easy to generate more sales and leads.

If you think you are a good fit, Contact DealHub’s partners team at Review: Conclusions reviews are unanimous: it gives sales teams the visibility and insights they need to increase revenue continuously. You can expect a lot of success when your teams use siloed sales tools. Remote selling, digital transformation, and other developments have altered the traditional sales process into the interaction between two human beings. DealHub is the kind of tool that is fully adapted to today's sophisticated, informed, and empowered buyers.


  • What is

DealHub is a high-performing revenue growth platform offering a zero-code solution that connects your team and processes to execute deals and create a predictable pipeline.

  • What are's top competitors?

HubSpot Sales Hub has CPQ functionality; PandaDoc and DocuSign are the apps for signing and tracking documents; Proposify pivots on creating proposals. As for CRMs that keep track of customer interactions and manage leads, DealHub competes with LeadLoft, Freshworks, Copper, Salesmate, Close, Bitrix24, and more.

  • Who uses is a great revenue acceleration solution for any sales organization regardless of size. Small, Mid-size, and Enterprise companies alike can use DealHub’s capacities to drive growth and bring digital transformation to sales teams.

  • Where is's headquarters? is located in Austin, Texas, US.

  • Who invested in

Among DealHub’s 5 investors are Alpha Wave Ventures, Cornerstone Venture Partners, and Israel Growth Partners.

  • How much funding has raised to date?

As of June 14, 2022, DealHub has raised $90M in funding.

  • When was the last funding round for

On Jun 14, 2022, closed its last funding round led by Alpha Wave Ventures, bringing the company’s total funding to $90 million.

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