Company Services

Inbound Calls

It is possible to direct your incoming calls to the right expert using the Automatic Call Distributor. It will also make sure that your team members won't miss a call or voicemail.

Outbound Calls

This feature will allow you to apply pre-recorded voicemails created with regard to your previous experience with the prospect. Use this approach in order to avoid wasting time on the leads that don't qualify and train your sales team.

CRM Automation

Connect DialSource with your existing system to embrace the power of Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. You will be able to automate your workflow by using a simplified interface and outstanding features offered by DialSource’s CRM automation tool. 

Coaching & Management

You can keep track of your agent availability and call flow and manage call queues and experts easily with DialSource. You can use this feature if you have one or a few call centers. Use a single dashboard to access all of your targets and leverage call data to analyze the team’s performance. 

Workflow Management

You will be able to automate your workflow by applying a special feature from Connect DialSource. It is possible to provide qualified leads to your SDRs at the right time and assist them with timely help. The workflow management feature will also help you to decrease the amount of manual work. 

Data & Analytics

Be sure to dig deep into the analytics provided by DialSource. You can foresee the outcomes of most calls if you devote some time to investigating the reports. All of them are native to the CRM, which means that you will be able to access your agent performance and call analytics in the reporting tools you are already familiar with. 

Company Pricing

DialSource costs $65 per user per month, the payment should be done once a year. 

Company Review

DialSource has 3.6 stars out of 5, which means that the company is doing pretty well, although some of its products need improvement. Users particularly like the features that help to quickly recollect the customers’ data having to search all the folders on their computer. They also enjoy a high level of security provided by the company. It is as simple as that — your data is safely stored in your CRM system where it belongs.

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