Dooly Review: Best Tool for Sales Reps

A good example of b2b lead generation services is Dooly company. ​Dooly was built to make it easy for salespeople to focus on selling so they can hit their quota. They do that by helping reps take better notes that sync to Salesforce, keep their pipeline clean with just a click, and stay on top of their most important deals. Dooly’s connected workspace makes it effortless to share critical deal information with the people and systems you need to know so you can hit your revenue goals.


About Dooly Сompany

Dooly was built to make it easy for salespeople to focus on selling. Dooly company has a variety of services that help their customers be more productive than other sellers. Now you will find out why you need exactly Dooly services and how to save your time with it. Find out more in the video:

Dooly Overview

Dooly Services

  • Notes

Dooly syncs your meeting notes to Salesforce automatically so you can spend more time selling and eliminate hours of soul-crushing admin. You will be able to save five-plus hours of mindless admin work every week that could be spent on closing deals. You can also insert Salesforce fields right into your notes. Dooly lets you add Salesforce fields directly to your notes, so you only have to update them once.

  • Pipeline

Dooly helps to manage all your deals at once with one-click updates from a centralized view, so you’re always ready for your next pipe review. With Dooly’s pipeline service, you can pull all your apps into one view and spin up custom dashboards in seconds, so you have all the intel you need to sell. There is also the possibility of always being ready for your pipe review.

Dooly saves you hours of Salesforce hassle with one-click pipeline updates from an easy dashboard. It’s very easy to tame your tab chaos with a pipeline. Dooly helps you manage 50+ opportunities at once with a centralized view of your pipeline so you can keep all of your deals on track.

  • Templates

Dooly guides you through sales calls with templates that prompt you to collect the deal info you need to keep deals moving forward faster. Dooly templates ensure you collect the most essential info about an account so you can move deals forward. It also helps your team follow the same sales process so that every seller can become a high performer. 

  • Playbooks

Dooly surfaces the content sellers need in real time so that they have better conversations and close more deals. Playbooks guide you through product and competitor knowledge during live calls and are an absolute game-changer. Dooly ensures that every new seller has the knowledge they need to run high-quality meetings, so they can get to quota faster. No more scouring folders for PDFs or rage-clicking through tabs. Dooly surfaces the content you need in real time so you can feel confident throughout the call.

Who is Dooly best for?

If you work in sales, then Dooly is perfect for you.Dooly is uniquely built for team selling and is most suitable for Sales Managers and Account Executives.

Dooly Pricing

Dooly has four monthly plans that will be cheaper if you buy them for a year in advance.

Dooly Pricing

Here is some information about different plans: 

1) Free

For sellers who want to save themselves 5+ hours of Salesforce busy work a week. It's fully free. However, it includes limited functionality, unlike paid ones.

2) Pro

The Pro Plan is for sellers who want to save even more time and hit their numbers faster. It costs $10 per user a month.

3) Growth

For teams who want to standardize their sales process and drive more revenue. It costs $30 per user a month.

4) Premier

It’s perfect for large organizations with distributed teams that need advanced configuration and want full service. It costs $60 per user a month.

It’s important to mention that every paid subscription has priority in support and the ability to share templates. 

Dooly Features

Dooly company has a lot of good reviews, and leading corporate enterprises around the world choose them every day for a reason. Dooly company is:

  • quick;
  • secure;
  • effective;
  • friendly.

Top Executive

Kris Hartvigsen

Main services
  • Content Management
  • Analytics
  • Account-Based Engagement
  • Opportunity and Pipeline Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Workflow Performance
Customers Served
Free trial

Dooly Details

All important information about Dооly.

Company address: Vancouver, British 

Columbia, Canada, 

560 Beatty St.

Dooly Support

Dooly support is represented by a help center on their official website. There you can find many ready-made answers as well as ask your question. Dooly company also provides a lot of guides on how their service works, from how to get started with Dooly to how to edit notes.

Dooly Pros and Cons

To understand why it is worth giving preference to Dooly, we need to find out their pros and cons based on the reviews and words of the company itself.



  • Dooly is powerful in helping to be more productive and organized.
  • Useful ability to take customer notes and update Salesforce in one location.
  • Salesforce data integrity.
  • Dooly has a user-friendly interface.
  • The quality of Support is top-notch.
  • Ease of Setup.
  • There are no ready-made playbooks and templates.
  • It’s rather challenging to use the other features in conjunction with the pipeline view.

Affiliate program from Dooly

There is no information about affiliate programs on the official Dooly website.


After all the facts, we can conclude that Dooly is a good choice for a person engaged in sales. With Dooly company, you can focus on selling instead of dealing with Salesforce’s updating nightmare. Sellers who use Dooly services generate more revenue; they have a cleaner pipeline and more Salesforce capabilities.


  • What is Dooly?

Dooly’s connected workspace makes it effortless to share critical deal information with the people and systems that you need to know.

  • How much does Dooly cost?

Dooly service has 4 price versions, from $0 to $60. A free trial of Dooly is also available. You can find detailed information on the company's website. 

  • Who uses Dooly?

The most effective Dooly for Account Executives Solutions Engineers, Customer Success Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Enablement, and Sales Operations. 

  • What's the difference between a Salesforce view and a Dooly view?

A Salesforce view is a collection of records curated by filter logic sets in Salesforce. Dooly pulls these views and allows you to further filter down and save these views with the ability to quickly update the date in the records themselves.

Any changes you make to the filter sets or configuration of your Salesforce views in Dooly are saved in Dooly only and do not modify the master views in Salesforce.

  • Is Dooly secure? How does Dooly connect to Salesforce?

Dooly's services are extremely secure. Your data remains confidential.

Dooly integrates to Salesforce in seconds, with no setup. Take notes that instantly sync to Salesforce and update your pipeline 10x faster, all from one easy dashboard.

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