Company Services

Freshworks can boast about the following features:

  • AI-powered solutions; 
  • marketing automation;
  • salesforce automation;
  • telephony;
  • live chat. 

Here are the main functions of Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud that can considerably improve your marketing efforts:

  • B2B sales lead generation;
  • profound data analytics;
  • lead nurturing;
  • customer journey automation;
  • facilitating meaningful conversations;
  • streamlining operations.

The Sales Cloud contains numerous features that automate the work of your B2B sales leads team. For instance, it is possible to get awesome insights into closing deals with the help of Freddy AI. It also provides a recommended set of actions to achieve the best results.  

Additionally, the Cloud helps marketers ensure a better user experience and make more personalized offers. You can enhance each customer touchpoint using this CRM system. It helps marketing experts to understand their prospecting list's behavior and figure out the “aha” moments when they are most susceptible to making a purchase. 

Company Pricing

Freshworks pricing varies depending on the package. Its basic price is $29 per user per month, while the Pro version costs $69. Enterprises will be charged more — $125 per month. Although the prices include only monthly charges, you will be billed annually for the company’s services. 

Company Review

The company has an excellent rating of 4.8 due to the awesome services it provides to clients. In general, they are satisfied with the Cloud CRM and achieve great results while implementing them. 

At the same time, there are a few negative reviews on such platforms as G2. The reason is Freshworks’ customer support that fails to meet users’ expectations. It doesn’t work smoothly since it is full of bugs that take too much time to get fixed. Additionally, it doesn’t integrate with some crucial apps, such as Chargebee, although the support team said it did. 

Furthermore, the company often deals with billing issues that are resolved very slowly. Additionally, there was some confusion when the contacts’ data was mixed, so the wrong details were indicated in their profiles, but it has been corrected already. All these tiny drawbacks make certain clients leave the company and start looking for other options. 

At the same time, most customers like the results they get with Freshworks CRM. They especially like a high level of automation and the way this breakthrough software allows them to organize the workflow (adding new fields and other simple activities that save lots of time in the long run.) All in all, the company does its best to help its customers achieve excellent results and is constantly improving its software and approaches.

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