According to G2, sales teams can spend 20% more time on other tasks when they start using Groove. This means that they can engage in activities that bring more value to existing and potential clients. Finally, your SDRs can focus on establishing and improving good relationships with potential customers. They can spend more time engaging in meaningful conversations with business leads instead of filling in numerous files and preparing reports manually. 

It is very easy to customize the original Salesforce architecture. Your employees will enjoy seamless workflows, automated analytics, more precise reporting, and more accurate forecasting. The administration will also upgrade if you resort to Groove. You will immediately notice the changes once you’ve tailored it to the specific needs of your business.

Company Services

Efficient Revenue Engine

The platform allows for a rapid revenue increase thanks to boosting your team’s performance. All you need to do is to let Groove spare time for your SDRs so that they can focus on more essential tasks that directly affect sales results. Moreover, the platform ensures seamless mass emailing, allowing you to create bulk b2b email marketing campaigns without being afraid of getting blocked by spam filters.

Sales Accelerator

Administrate your projects more effectively with Groove. The platform is designed to meet your business’ specific needs so that you can start selling more right after you’ve signed up. 

Online Learning Hub

The platform also provides online activities your team will love. You can hire and engage students all across the world and also advise them if needed. 

Relationship Booster

Groove is a unique platform that will contribute to adding highly qualified leads to your customer base. It allows for facilitating the relationships by applying a plethora of efficient strategies to keep your audience interested in your services. 

Company Pricing

There’s no information on the company’s website that could shed light on its pricing policy. In fact, you can browse their demo or ask for a quote to find out about the prices. At the same time, it is possible to find some information online that partially reveals the company’s prices. Some people say that the basic price per customer is $12/mo. However, it is $22 for a business. 

Company Review

Groove is well-known for its awesome mass email campaigns and incredibly easy integrations. It is really convenient; moreover, the platform allows for adding users to flows with lightning speed. At the same time, it has certain disadvantages. For instance, some people claim that Groove lacks sorting options while providing SFDC integration. Nevertheless, the company has an excellent reputation across various review platforms, such as G2.

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